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Connector is linked with clutch or components are replaced, is a bridge between the signal to all, connector properties will affects the operation quality of the whole system, so the high standard connector is prerequisite of ensuring the effective signal transmission. Connectors, in accordance with the frequency of points, there are high-frequency connectors and low frequency connectors, high frequency connectors. Connectors for use in circuits commonly referred to as operating frequencies above 100MHz. This kind of connector should be considered in the structure of high frequency electric field, such as leakage, reflection and so on. Kingsignal provides high frequency connector varieties and specifications: DIN, N, TNC, BMA, SMA, SMK, APC3.5, SMC, SAA, SSMA etc. various types. And has a good anti seismic property, high power, low VSWR and attenuation and third-order intermodulation, high reliability, sealing, etc., has been widely used with the macro base station RF output port, indoor distribution, radio equipment and electronic instruments in the field of microwave equipment many fields. At the same time we connector can be suitable for wet and rainy weather, can effectively prevent the gas, moisture or liquid into the connector housing to ensure the stability of the products.