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Jinnuo (Tianjin) business factory

Was founded in May 8, 2013 with the Jinnuo commercial factoring companies, kingsignal high-tech Limited by Share Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary. Scope of business of the company: to withhold payments should provide trade financing, accounts receivable collection, payment and settlement, the management and the collection, sales of household (classification) account management; and the company's business related non business of bad debt guarantee; customer credit investigation and assessment; related consulting services.

Jinnuo factoring company based, kingsignal company's own business, look at the country, focusing on domestic factoring business, through the provision of professional, high quality, efficient factoring financing and factoring services to the upstream suppliers of kingsignal company, extend in all walks of life at the same time, for the community to provide better factoring services.

Factoring is in recent years, with increasingly fierce competition in international trade, the international trade market gradually formed and rapidly in the developed countries in Europe and the United States rise a set should be accounts receivable financing, business credit investigation, accounts receivable management and credit risks guarantee in the integrated financial services business.

From the beginning of the 1990s, the Bank of China first pilot of international factoring, and over the next 10 years, the international factoring business in China in the initial stage. As the global economy has entered an era of structural surplus, the shortage of the economy has been replaced by excess economy, the buyer's market. Under the condition of buyer's market, credit settlement is more and more popular, the market has laid a good foundation for factoring. With the rapid development of China's economy in the next few years, China will become the world's largest factoring market.

At present, in addition to Hong Kong and other regions, normal operation of domestic factoring business institutions only 24 companies, of which more than half is foreign company, really do domestic factoring only 1-2. The blank area of domestic factoring business also belongs to the field of financial innovation, will develop fast and effective in the future. Jinnuo company as factoring financial innovation in the field of start-up company, will be based in Shenzhen, the country look. Jinnuo company scope of business, product characteristics and specialized operation, very accord with Nanshan District, the eight core innovation in the field of small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises. Hope to cooperate with the science and Technology Bureau of Nanshan District of Shenzhen, with Nanshan Science and Technology Bureau under the jurisdiction of the enterprise resource, using its own financial sector service advantages, dedicated to provide professional, high quality, efficient factoring financing and factoring services to the Nanshan District, the technology of new and high technology small and medium-sized enterprise, help the local high-tech enterprises faster better development.