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  • Kingsignal, the innovator of signal connection technology, its first expedition to the Expo was accompanied by the industry's first cross-generation intelligent 5G pre-transmission 25G industrial-grade tunable optical module and a leading 5G pre-transmission 25G industrial-grade 12-wave color scheme, which sparked a heated discussion between the industry and the media.

  • Kingsignal released a new sub-brand KS-LINK (Chinese name: Elf) to C, and released a full range of WiFi Mesh products such as AC1200, AC2100 and AC3000.

  • Kingsignal will bring 5G core products to MWC2019.(Booth Number:Hall6, 6M22)

  • On October 28-30, 2018, the 27th China International Component Manufacturing & Design Show (ICMD Autumn 2018) was successfully concluded in Shenzhen Greater China International Exchange Square. The exhibition is the most influential comprehensive service platform in the Asia-Pacific region covering the entire industrial chain of medical devices, product technology, service innovation and trade cooperation, academic exchange, education and training.

  • Solstice September 25, 2017 "the third high technology equipment achievement exhibition of civil-military integration development" sponsored by the central military commission equipment development department, ministry of education, ministry of industry and information technology, ministry of national defense science, technology and industry bureau, Chinese academy of sciences, and national federation of industry and commerce, was held at Beijing Jingfeng Hotel.

  • This exhibition Kingsignal mainly displays products and base station solutions, products mainly include coaxial cable, connector, coaxial component, network cable, optical module and optical component, as well as Type C data cable and HDMI.

  • CTIA (wireless communications and Internet Association) is a global non-profit organization established in 1984, which has played a positive role in promoting the development of wireless and Internet industry. CTIA wireless communication exhibition sponsored by the agency is considered the world's largest focus on wireless event in the field, so far has been 20 years of history, to attract more than 40 thousand visitors a year, is the industry's highest rated radio show. This global exhibition related manufacturers dozens of industries in about 125 countries from the world of the exhibition, with the industry wireless network providers, users, developers, buyers, manufacturers and other relevant aspects of the theme, is the largest gathering of industry recognized. The exhibition covers industry information and communication services; the exchange of information and communication, transmission technology and equipment; communications terminal equipment and related products; 3G/ 3G mobile communication technology and equipment; broadband

  • CommunicAsia exhibition is the largest knowledge sharing platform in Asia ICT (information and communication technology) industry, the industry is looking forward to the future prospects of the industry and an important window to understand the status of the industry. This exhibition has been successfully held for the 27 time and has a high reputation in the communications industry. The exhibition hall of the B2-L3 from a large scale, a total of 5 layers, CommunicAsia focus industry a variety of key technologies and emerging technologies, covering from all aspects of the new communication technology, network system integration, return until the end user software and applications. The main coverage of LTE / 4G / 5G, connected devices, FTTH, infrastructure and network solutions, augmented reality, mobile network, radio and cable, satellite communications, smart city solutions, wireless technology and other technology etc..

  • The thirty-sixth Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX 2016) was held in Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE, from October 16th to 20. As the world's top three, the largest in the Middle East, the communications professional exhibition, GITEX brings together the world's leading operators and suppliers. At the same time, the exhibition is held in Dubai is connected to Asia, Europe and Africa, economic and trade hub, radiation consumption area of more than 1 billion 500 million people.
    KingSignal is committed to providing one-stop service providers according to the characteristics of the material, the Middle East communication base station architecture, designed 3G, 4G base station and photoelectric composite cable, highlighting our deep understanding of the middle east station, increase the existing and potential customer recognition of our exposition, kingsignal received numerous the communications industry of new and old customers.

  • Much attention has been paid to the IME/China2016 Eleventh International Microwave and antenna technology exhibition in Shanghai from October to 21 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center successfully concluded. As the leading Asia Pacific Microwave Technology Development Trend of the professional exhibition, IME/China2014 adhering to the successful experience of previous exhibitions, showing a good momentum.

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