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Distance Cuts off Information, while Technology Connects the World.



Focused on talents and based on innovation, "Global connection and value creation" is the permanent operation principle of Kingsignal. In Kingsignal, talents are cultivated with knowledge, market is driven by technology and values are created within services, which are the permanent themes for the development of Kingsignal. Credit comes first, a promise is a promise, and self-restraint is highlighted, which are the cultural personality of the company and the constant value criterion of Kingsignal people. The long development journey is full of challenges for both the enterprise and individuals. Our common value pursuit lies in how to stick to ourselves and serve the society.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This works for life, and so for the enterprise. All glories as a listed enterprise and powerful military industry are attributed to Kingsignal people who start from themselves, work from the bottom and come down to earth. In Kingsignal, research, innovation and group wisdom have attracted high attention. All Kingsignal people start from the bottom and achieve in management, and rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength. Please remember that there are a group of soldiers in Kingsignal.


Time flies. In 2002, we jumped to our feed by virtue of technology innovation and talents cultivation at the end of reform and opening up tide, and became a tastemaker in the industry. And now, we will usher in a new round of market-oriented reform, and Kingsignal—a leader in industrial innovation—will conduct an overall innovation and secondary startup, trying to plough through and create resplendence again. 




Wish Kingsignal people better and better! Wish Kingsignal stronger and stronger!