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Advantages of aluminum alloy power cable

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/15

Aluminum alloy power cable with good mechanical properties and electrical properties, making it can be widely used in various areas of the national economy, such as the general disaster, high-rise buildings, elevators, large and medium supermarket shopping malls, subways, airports, Banks, office buildings, hotels, postal telecommunications buildings, exhibition halls, libraries, museums, etc., can also be used for metallurgy, steel, coke, coal, power plants, power transmission, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, Cars, public transport facilities and so on. Aluminum alloy power cable has the following advantages:


1. Creep resistance


The alloy material and the annealing process of the aluminum alloy conductor reduce the "creep" tendency of the conductor under heat and pressure, and the creep resistance is improved by 300% relative to pure aluminum, avoiding the slack due to cold flow or creep The


2. Tensile strength and elongation


Aluminum alloy conductor compared to pure aluminum conductor, due to the addition of special ingredients and the use of a special processing technology, greatly improve the tensile strength, and elongation increased to 30%, the use of more secure and reliable.


3. Thermal expansion coefficient


The coefficient of thermal expansion is used to calculate the dimensional change of the material at the time of temperature change. Aluminum alloy thermal expansion coefficient and copper quite, over the years the aluminum connector has been reliably used for copper and aluminum conductors, and most of today's electrical connectors are made of aluminum, which is particularly suitable for aluminum. So the aluminum alloy conductor and connector expansion and contraction exactly the same.


4. Connectivity


The electrical connection made of aluminum alloy is as safe and stable as the connection made with copper conductors. The composition of the aluminum alloy greatly improves its connection performance. When the conductor is annealed, the added iron produces high strength creep resistance, which ensures stable connection even during prolonged overload and overheating.


5. Self-weight bearing capacity


Aluminum alloy to improve the tensile strength of pure aluminum, aluminum alloy cable can support the length of 4000 meters of weight, copper cable can only support 2750 meters. This advantage in the long-span buildings (such as sports venues) wiring is particularly prominent.


6. Flexibility


Aluminum alloy has a good bending performance, its unique alloy formula, processing technology, so that a substantial increase in flexibility. Aluminum is 30% higher than copper flexibility and 40% less resilient than copper. General copper bending radius of 10 to 20 times the outer diameter, while the aluminum alloy cable bending radius of only 7 times the diameter, easier to connect the terminal.


The above is a brief introduction to the advantages of aluminum alloy power cable, learn more about the power cable content, please pay attention to kingsignal official website.

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