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The electrical connector is indispensable on unmanned aerial vehicles

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/15

Electrical connector is the aviation, aerospace and other military systems essential to the basic components, the most concentrated application of aircraft and avionics equipment system.


As the unmanned aerial vehicle in intelligence reconnaissance, target capture, target supply and other aspects of outstanding advantages, so it is the most active in the military arsenal development, but also the military power to develop weapons and equipment, the current military-related military activities related to about 80%.


At present, the application of electrical connector in military unmanned aerial vehicle is mainly composed of engine control and sensor, landing / docking system, flight control, fuel cell sensor, data processing and navigation, high-definition infrared camera system, high-speed image processing, Control systems, radio devices and so on. In order to meet the high requirements of UAVs, these electronic systems are generally equipped with military standard electrical connector, which is resistant to the environment, can be quickly separated, high density and high reliability advantages, because of these advantages, in order to improve the working life of UAV, Reduce installation and maintenance costs, reduce testing and identification costs, but also improve reliability and security.


"Artificial - portable" unmanned aerial vehicles in the tactical settings is very important, by the scope of unmanned aerial vehicles and the ability to continue to navigation, in order to facilitate the UAV in the payload technology, communications, flight control and propulsion system to release the space, The UAV system should minimize the quality and size of the interconnect components while the UAV is inherently sensitive to size and quality, which requires that the electrical connector components, in addition to improving working life and reliability, Should be miniaturized development.


Land-based or sea-based unmanned aerial vehicle systems often encounter unique environmental challenges and electrical connector packaging issues, which requires the electrical connector to the miniaturization, high reliability direction, but also should have fast - lock, clean the scene Ability and chemical resistance.


The above is the electrical connector on the role of the UAV on a brief introduction to learn more about the contents of the electrical connector, please pay attention to kingsignal official website

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