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Fiber optical cable industry, there is technology to market

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/15

In the case of China's anti-dumping, foreign-funded enterprises to continue to open up the Chinese market, the cost pressure will increase, on the contrary, if the way to technology output to enter the Chinese market, you can avoid this malpractice, and may even get a higher market Share.


Fiber optic preforms are technology-intensive, high value-added products, is the core of the industry, fiber products 70% of the profits are concentrated in the optical fiber preform level, master the upstream technology can really enhance the profitability of China's cable products. In the production process, the United States focused on VAD technology, while Japan is focused on OVD technology, domestic enterprises are focused on PCVD. For Chinese enterprises, foreign technology output, the industry's production technology will form a great complement.


This time the anti-dumping to domestic enterprises this opportunity, which will become the optical cable industry's first foreign investment in technology for the market case. If the effect is appropriate, other related foreign-funded enterprises are expected to consider the technology for the market this way to attack the Chinese market.


Technology for a country, the nation is undoubtedly important, means that productivity, development level and future potential; market for an enterprise, is the lifeblood, the loss of market technology will be useless, technology and market is Interrelated, indivisible Market for technology, was our wish: through the joint venture we have the technology, the other got the market, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.


Japanese companies in the anti-dumping after the choice of technology for the market model is worth learning and learn from many industries, but in the final analysis is their own technical foundation hard If China's anti-dumping business want to imitate, we must have a strong technology in exchange for a certain market.


At the same time, for China's optical fiber cable industry, the technology for the market, means that you can have the technology market. You have mastered the technology introduced by foreign countries to be absorbed and improved, whether domestic or international market, you will be excellent technology and products around the world invincible hand, walking in the industry's high-end market, no longer become excess capacity Synonyms, all anti-dumping overcapacity what will become a cloud.


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