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Power cable industry will grow steadily

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/09

The next few years, China's power cable industry development rate will be higher than the national economic development rate is expected to reach more than 10%; especially the electric wire and cable average annual growth of up to 15%.


Data show that in recent years, due to the acceleration of China's power grid construction, UHV projects have been put into construction, to the power cable industry to create a huge market. Over the past 15 years, power cable industry average annual growth of more than 15%. At present, the industry industrial output value of more than 400 billion yuan, and more than the United States, becoming the world's largest power cable producer.


At present, China's power cable industry in a large number of technology introduction, digestion and absorption and independent research and development on the basis of, has formed a huge production capacity, with supporting cable materials, cable equipment manufacturing industry has initially formed a more complete supporting system. Mainly shows that: large enterprises in the market competitiveness has obvious advantages, strong profitability; small and medium enterprises asset management capacity is better; private enterprise market operation mechanism flexible and rapid development, especially in coastal economically developed areas of the power cable Significant advantages of manufacturing enterprises highlight the advantages.


In terms of assets, the current state-owned economic components accounted for only 15%, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for nearly 25%, while the private economic components of more than 60%. In the power cable industry sales of the top ten enterprises, the vast majority of private enterprises, the East China region is the power cable industry's most important manufacturing area, accounting for 50% of the country's assets and output value, the formation of 60% of sales, and win 70% of the industry profits.


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