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Communication life of optical cable

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/09

We know things are life at all, optical fiber cable is also no exception. We all know that the long-distance data transmission will be used when the optical fiber transmission medium, because it has obvious advantages, including reliable performance, high quality, fast, low line loss, transmission distance and so on. So how do you know the service life of the optical cable? The following is a solution for everyone to communicate with the optical cable.


Because of the long distance transmission, so people generally on the land of the optical cable requires its life for more than 20 years of safe use. While the submarine optical cable system requires a higher, to achieve more than 25 years of safe use. So, in the optical cable wiring how to correctly use the optical cable, is to extend the life of the optical cable the most important key factors, but also the construction workers are very concerned about the issue, and we talk about how to extend the life of the optical cable The


1. We want to know the three factors that affect the fiber life of the optical cable. We all know that fiber is one of the most important constituent materials of optical cable. To improve the service life of optical cable, the most important thing is to improve the service life of fiber The


The main reasons for the impact of fiber life are:


(1) unreasonable laying of optical cable when the residual stress long-term effect;


(2) the presence and expansion of microcracks on the surface of the fiber;


(3) atmospheric environment of water and water vapor molecules on the fiber surface erosion and so on.


2. When the fatigue parameter n is constant, the lifetime of the fiber is related only to the stress σ, and thus reducing the stress on the fiber is a way to improve the service life of the fiber. When people make fiber, a compressive stress is formed on the surface of the fiber to counter the tensile stress that is applied to the extent that the tensile stress is reduced to a minimum, resulting in a compressive stress cladding technique to produce the fiber.


3. Improve the fiber's static fatigue parameters n to improve the service life of the fiber. Therefore, people in the manufacture of optical fiber, trying to isolate the quartz fiber itself from the atmospheric environment, so that it is not affected by the atmospheric environment, as far as possible the value of n from the environmental parameters of the optical fiber material itself into the parameters, The n value becomes very large, resulting in a & quot; sealing coating technique & quot; on the surface of the fiber.


The above is a brief introduction to the use of optical cable, learn more about the contents of the optical cable, please pay attention to kingsignal official website.

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