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How to really install electrical connector?

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/08

To the electrical connector to be able to play its performance well, first of all to understand the electrical connector performance, followed by its correct installation is necessary, then we should be how to properly install the electrical connector, the following to do the next Introduction.


The electrical connector is usually composed of a plug and a socket, where the plug is also called a free electrical connector, which is also called a fixed electrical connector. Through the plug, socket and plug and separation to achieve the circuit connection and disconnect, so the plug and socket produced a variety of connections. On the circular electrical connector, the main thread connection, bayonet connection and marbles connected in three ways. One of the most common thread connection, it has a simple processing technology, low manufacturing costs, wide range of applications, but the connection is slow not suitable for frequent plug and fast connection and the occasion. The bayonet connection has a longer lead because of its long lead in the three bayonet troughs, but it is more complex and costly. The marbling connection is one of the fastest connections in the three connection modes, and it does not require a rotary motion, and can be connected, separated and locked with a linear motion. Because it is a direct push-pull connection, it is only applicable to the total separation of the electrical connector is not. Generally more common in small electrical connector.


The installation of the electrical connector is installed before and after installation, the mounting is fixed with rivets, screws, snap ring or electrical connector itself. There is also a plug and socket are all free electrical connector, the so-called relay electrical connector.


The appearance of the electrical connector is variable, the user is mainly from the straight, curved, wire or cable diameter and the shell of the fixed requirements, size, weight, whether to connect the metal hose and other aspects to be selected on the panel Electrical connector also from the beautiful, modeling, color and other aspects to be selected.


The above is a brief introduction to the installation of the electrical connector, to learn more about the contents of the electrical connector, please pay attention to kingsignal official website.

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