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Precautions to prevent overheating of electrical connectors

author:kingsignal time:2017/05/15

Precautions to prevent overheating of electrical connectors:


(1) found faulty signs, should open the power cord electrical connector and remove the electric water heater socket conductive column, with a number of emery or abrasive paste polished to light, remove the power cord and electrical connector contact with the tongue The wires, wiring screws, tongues and electric water heaters on the socket within the conductive column of the oxide layer to reduce the contact resistance.


(2) Apply a little conductive paste to the power cord connector and the socket of the electric water heater.


(3) electrical connector on the tongue, wiring screw burning serious to immediately replace.


(4) electric water heater on the socket and the conductive column burns are also immediately removed, replace the same specifications of the socket and conductive column. When installing the electric water heater socket, install a power switch.


The above is a brief introduction to the selection of electrical connectors. For more information on electrical connectors, please refer to the kingsignal website.

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