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The solar connector features a reasonable choice of electrical connectors

author:kingsignal time:2017/05/15

Connector is usually what we call the electrical connector, the main function is through the dialing function, want to connect the electrical source to connect them, and then between them to the signal or current transmission, and through the transmission of resources to achieve the exchange and Sharing, and even we charge the connector function is to play an important manifestation, and sometimes through the charger and the power outlet to connect the charge, this time the small charge of the device is very critical.


Our mobile phone current is much smaller than the commonly used direct current, through the charger to change the role of the connector to achieve a direct charge, and through the computer when charging, the use of the USB interface, this time the current is relatively stable and through computer conversion to achieve Some, and very convenient, in short, now the connector is usability is strong, and the current transmission is one of the most important features of the connector.


Another important function of the aviation plug connector is to transmit the signal, such as we often say that the data line, the mobile phone resources and computer synchronization to share, the camera's information into the computer for analysis or finishing, compared to the small screen Mobile phones and cameras are much more convenient, which is the most important role of the connector, and during the transmission of these contents are data, the transmission process is the form of communication to complete.


So that the connector transfer function is mainly to play the signal, and the signal can have many forms, pictures, images, songs, anything can be the object of transmission, any can be used to represent the contents of the data can be achieved transmission The


The complexity of the computer and the speed of the progress of the circuit board with the increasingly high demand. Equipment has electrical connectors, aviation plugs and so on. The finishing pins provide a safe and powerful connection between the printed circuit board and the high efficiency DC / DC converters for the current complex computer system. Finishing pins have been used in power converters, which have the following advantages.


Plating Pins for Plating Through Hole


The thickness of the through-hole copper plating allows the crimp pin to be retained before wave soldering or reflow soldering. The intersection size in the geometric properties is the same as the aperture. Due to the tolerances and losses of the tool, the aperture is usually 0.0005 inches smaller than the theoretical size of the drill. Usually the geometric characteristics of the fine tip is 0.002 inches, will not be inserted into the plating through the copper hole through the hole. When the pin is pressed into the through hole, leaving the gap to fill the hole through the solder is very important. When inserting the multi-ribbed pin into the through hole, the PCB assembly gives the actual drill size and the universal polishing hole tolerance (eg ± 0.002 inch, ± 0.003 inch, etc.).


Intrusion Reflow


Intrusive reflow is also known as "pin dip solder paste", is the reflow process for the traditional through-hole components of the welding technology. The power converter is placed on the vias of the PCB and reflows as other SMT components. The solder will fill the plated through holes so that the reliability of the connection is the same as the wave soldering.


The above is a brief introduction to the selection of electrical connectors. For more information on electrical connectors, please refer to the kingsignal website.

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