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Types of power cables and their main applications

author:kingsignal time:2017/05/16

1.Power system


Power cables used in the power cable products are overhead bare wires, bus , power cables (plastic cables, oil and paper cable ), rubber cables, overhead insulated cables, branch cables (Replace part of the bus), electromagnetic lines and electrical equipment, electrical equipment, such as wire and cable.


2. Information transmission system


For the information transmission system, the main cable and cable, TV cable, electronic cable, RF cable, fiber optic cable, data cable, magnet wire, power communications or other composite cables.


3. Mechanical equipment, instrumentation system


This part of the aerial bare wire almost all other products are used, but mainly the power cable, magnet wire, data cable, instrumentation cable and so on.


Derivatives / new products for wire and cable


The derivation / new product of the wire and cable is mainly due to the application requirements, the different requirements of the application and the convenience of the equipment and the need to reduce the equipment cost, and the use of new materials, special materials, or change the product structure, or improve the process requirements, Variety of products produced by the combination.


Use different materials such as flame retardant cable, low smoke zero halogen / low smoke low halogen cable, anti-termite, anti-mouse cable, oil / cold / temperature cable; change product structure such as: fire-resistant cable; Such as: medical cables, etc .combination products such as: OPGW, etc .; easy to install and reduce the cost of equipment such as: prefabricated branch cables.


The above is the type of power cable and the main application of the introduction, more about the contents of the power cable, please pay attention to kingsignal official website.

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