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Kingsignal attended the United States CTIA WIRELESS


CTIA (wireless communications and Internet Association) is a global non-profit organization established in 1984, which has played a positive role in promoting the development of wireless and Internet industry. CTIA wireless communication exhibition sponsored by the agency is considered the world's largest focus on wireless event in the field, so far has been 20 years of history, to attract more than 40 thousand visitors a year, is the industry's highest rated radio show. This global exhibition related manufacturers dozens of industries in about 125 countries from the world of the exhibition, with the industry wireless network providers, users, developers, buyers, manufacturers and other relevant aspects of the theme, is the largest gathering of industry recognized. The exhibition covers industry information and communication services; the exchange of information and communication, transmission technology and equipment; communications terminal equipment and related products; 3G/ 3G mobile communication technology and equipment; broadband telecommunications services and value-added telecommunications services; broadband wireless access; intelligent terminal; next generation network (NGN), the next generation Internet (NGI), network television, online games, IPTV, mobile phone video, interactive entertainment products and services; two-dimensional code technology; digital audio and video, storage technology and products; computer hardware and software products; data communication and network technology and related products; optical communication, optical fiber cable; automotive electronics; RFID; information technology and logistics equipment communication; power supply, instrumentation, communications room supplies, office automation equipment; telecommunication management; ICT solution; information appliances, home network Digital home; communication electronic components; communication terminal accessories; other information and communication products; information communication research, design, construction, consulting, statistics, investment content and products.

CTIA WIRELESS is the same as the CeBIT exhibition in Germany, the 3GSM conference in Spain as an industry event, is China's wireless communications companies to enter the United States and the Americas market best exhibition platform. The exhibition is the world's largest and best mobile communications information exhibition, but also one of the world's largest companies to pay attention to the international exhibition.

KingSignal is committed to providing one-stop service providers according to the characteristics of energy-saving materials, communication base station architecture, designed a photoelectric composite cable and real wall indoor distribution scheme, we highlight the profound understanding of the base station and the overall structure, increase the existing and potential customers to our recognition, but also easy to live with customer communication.

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