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Kingsignal fully demonstrated the innovation ability of optical transmission technology at CIOE2019




CIOE 2019 ended in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the time of the outbreak of 5G, various manufacturers have shown their housekeeping skills in an attempt to gain market recognition. Kingsignal, the innovator of signal connection technology, its first expedition to the Expo was accompanied by the industry's first cross-generation intelligent 5G pre-transmission 25G industrial-grade tunable optical module and a leading 5G pre-transmission 25G industrial-grade 12-wave color scheme, which sparked a heated discussion between the industry and the media.




Kingsignal has had full communication with key operators, equipment suppliers and upstream and downstream partners from home and abroad to jointly discuss the future cooperation and development of the two parties in the field of optical transmission under the 5G era.



Dig into the 5G prequel scene, Kingsignal unveiled a number of disruptive optical modules for the first time in the industry


Optical module is Kingsignal’s strategic product.  Kingsignal, who participated in the CIOE for the first time, released the 5G pre-transmission 25G industrial-grade tunable optical module, bringing the industry's products across the ages.




This optical module was developed by Kingsignal after comprehensively summarizing the problems of traditional color light module product coding, complicated implementation, and difficult troubleshooting. The product features low cost, low product code, low spare parts and easy maintenance. Because it can realize intelligent opening, reduce manual intervention, and realize the intelligentization of optical modules, it has trans-century significance.


According to the traditional color light scheme, the correspondence between the passive wavelength division and the color light module needs to be strictly set, and the connection should be performed according to the strict standard scheme network diagram. Otherwise, the opening abnormality and the optical link may be blocked. However, Kingsignal's solution does not need to consider the wavelength correspondence. It only needs to complete the hardware connection. After power-on, it can complete the automatic lock-wave pairing and realize the second-level opening. It can be said that the optical module has achieved subversive innovation.




In addition, Kingsignal also took the lead in releasing the 25G industrial-grade 12-wave color scheme for 5G prequel. Fu Yu, general manager of Kingsignal wireless and optical network product line, said in an exclusive interview with C114 “The introduction of this solution can aggregate the demand of 12-core fiber direct-drive transmission onto one fiber, and achieve the leading level in the industry in the 5G pre-transmission scenario. The traditional solution requires two sets of six-wave color schemes to achieve the same effect, and the project implementation is complicated”




In addition to the above products, Kingsignal also displayed a full range of 25G gray light products, new optical cable and optical jumpers for 5G applications. And the AOC, DAC, ACC for data center and other interconnection solutions, which fully demonstrated Kingsignal's 5G technology innovation capabilities.


Yu Xin, general manager of Kingsignal, mentioned in an interview with CIOE organizers”With the advent of the 5G era, 5G network construction has fast and low-cost requirements. Therefore, it requires centralized construction and centralized management. At the same time, effectively reducing the operator's lease and operation and maintenance costs is a problem that every participant has to consider. Kingsignal is a company with innovative soul. At CIOE, a number of industry innovation products brought by Kingsignal are to ensure that the products have sufficient competitive advantages, reduce the cost of the industry, dig deep into the 5G scene, and do the technology innovators of the 5G era optical communication connection.”




The Design In mode was successfully replicated and the 5G solution landed.


Kingsignal is a technology-driven enterprise, with the semi-soft and stable phase cable products, Kingsignal broke the technical blockade of American companies, and became the mainstream manufacturer of the communication industry in the era of 3G/4G development, which achieved the average annual compound growth rate of Kingsignal up to 25%.




As an innovator of signal connection technology, Kingsignal continues to cooperate with top operators, equipment manufacturers and antenna manufacturers at home and abroad in the Design In mode to conduct forward-looking device innovation for 5G systems and devices. And provide a full range of complex high-performance signal interconnection products and corresponding customized services such as RF transmission, low-frequency transmission, optical transmission, high-speed transmission, power transmission, PCB and chip modules for them.


As a company deepening its layout in 5G and AIoT,

Kingsignal is fully prepared for technology, market and talents in the face of 5G development opportunities. Based on 5G deep coverage scenarios and data center scenarios, Kingsignal has accumulated a lot of technology in 5G RF board-to-board connector, 5G optical module, 5G antenna PCB, optical and electrical hybrid cable, high-speed cable, high-speed connector and components.




At present, there has been a good news on the market. In the operator market, Kingsignal provides feeders, optical cables and other products for the three major operators and the tower company. At the same time, it is actively participating in the first-level collection of optical modules, optical cables and optoelectronic composite cables of domestic and foreign operators. The situation is progressing well. “In cooperation with domestic and foreign equipment vendors and antenna vendors, In the 5G PCB, 5G board-to-board connector, 5G optical module, 5G optical and electrical hybrid cable, 5G high-speed components and other products, Kingsiganl has acquired a lot of cooperation and commercial opportunities, and has won considerable 5G orders.” Huang Changhua, Chairman of Kingsignal, mentioned in the interview with Securities Times.


Facing the acceleration of 5G commercialization, it will bring strong demand for solutions and products to Kingsignal. The process of industrialization of 5G technology is a great opportunity for Kingsignal. Based on the abundant reserves of the market and technology and the industrialization capability of 5G products, Kingsignal will continue to strengthen its own strength, meet challenges with better innovation ability, better serve customers and continue to create value for customers. And become the innovator and leader in optical transmission technology in the 5G era.

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