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Kingsignal will bring 5G core products to MWC2019




Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world's most influential conference on communications. MWC2019 will be held in Barcelona from February 25th to 28th. The conference will feature "Intelligent Connectivity". Focus on the latest achievements in the fields of 5G, Internet of Things, AI and intelligent hardware. Operators, communications equipment suppliers, AI and innovative companies in the IoT sector will be the source of the industry's output through the show.


As in previous years, Jinxinnuo (300252.SZ) will continue to participate in MWC2019, and will showcase 5G RF board-to-board connectors and 5G optical transceiver by demonstrating 4G/5G access network solution, indoor coverage solution and data center solution, 5G antenna PCB, optoelectronic composite cable, high-speed cable and components and other core signal connection products, comprehensive display cash letter promise based on 5G technology innovation and leading technology. 


The 5G application scenarios can be divided into three categories: enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), large connected Internet of Things (mMTC), and low latency and high reliability communication (uRLLC). In order to achieve 5G application scenarios, a large-scale antenna array, ultra-dense networking, new multiple access, full spectrum access, and new network structure are needed to implement this key technology. As the innovator of signal connection technology, Kingsignal has been helping the breakthrough of 5G key technologies through continuous technical accumulation and innovation through the development of core signal connection products.



5G RF board-to-board connectors 



Massive MIMO is the core technology of 5G, and MIMO antenna is the key technology for MIMO technology implementation. Compared with the traditional base station antenna, the Massive MIMO antenna has a very different array size, and the unit has independent transceiver capability, which is equivalent to multiple antenna units (96, 128, 256 or more), and simultaneously transmits and receives data, where each antenna unit Both need an RF board-to-board connector to connect the antenna to the T/R module. The board-to-board usage of a single base station/antenna is 5 to 10 times that of 4G.


Kingsignal is technically familiar with the various board-to-board solutions and products, which can be standardized by the manufacturer; in the research and development capabilities, the fourth-generation board-to-board two-piece products are designed to be compatible, easy to install and low in cost. The pre-researched fifth-generation board-to-board one-piece, higher density, smaller board spacing, lower cost, suitable for interconnection of PCB boards in miniaturized equipment; for the standard SMP and SMPM series currently used in the industry The 5G high-band board-to-board solution can provide corresponding solutions.



5G Optical transceiver



The optical module is the basic building block of the physical layer of the 5G network. It is widely used in wireless and transmission equipment. Its cost is increasing in the system equipment. In some devices, it is even more than 50~70%. They are the key elements of achieving low-cost, wide-coverage 5G. According to the architecture of the 5G network, the network is divided into pre-transmission, intermediate transmission and back-transmission. The 25G optical module, 50G PAM4 optical module, and low-cost 100G/200G/400G optical module are the main requirements of the 5G network optical module.


Kingsignal has a full range of products in 10G, 25G, 100G single mode and multimode. In the production process, mastering the front-end R&D and manufacturing processes such as TO packaging, COB packaging and coupling, etc., can effectively ensure high-volume delivery while effectively reducing costsIn the research and development capabilities, master the typical optical module technology such as 25G, 100G prequel, to provide customers with differentiated, high-value solutions; in the industry chain coordination, familiar with the entire industry chain from optical chips to packaging, from optical modules to systems Therefore, it can combine the technical advantages to provide customers with innovative, Design In solutions.



5G Antenna PCB 

PCB has a wide range of applications in wireless networks, transmission networks, data communications, and fixed-line broadband, and is often a high value-added product such as backplanes, high-frequency high-speed boards, and multi-layer boards. The proportion of PCB inside the 5G base station has increased significantly, and it is expected to greatly increase the demand for 5G antenna PCB products.


Kingsignal can provide 2~20L 5G antenna PCB to meet customer's mixed pressure or partial mixed pressure design, buried copper design, blind groove Cavity design, POFV design, blind hole design, back drilling design, etc., strictly control 5G antenna PCB consistent Sexuality ensures stable performance of phase, amplitude, return loss and standing wave. Kingsignal has 13 years of experience in processing high-frequency and high-speed materials such as PTFE, hydrocarbon, PPO and FR4. It is already a major supplier of important antenna terminals at home and abroad. It can cooperate with customers' 24-hour DFM processing and 5G antenna PCB line production. Supply large quantities of 5G antenna PCBs to major customers at home and abroad.



In addition, the 5G network is a densely distributed base station network, and the base station distribution density is 2 to 3 times that of the 4G network base station. At the same time, a large number of micro-stations need to be built, which determines the number of core signal connection products such as 5G base station and 5G RF board-to-board connector, 5G optical module, 5G antenna PCB, photoelectric composite cable, high-speed cable and components. The market capacity is tens of times more than the total amount of 4G networks, regardless of the number of core signal connections used on the unit equipment or the total number of unit equipment.


Connect the world and create value, Kingsignal will continue to provide signal intelligent interconnection solutions for core customers in the 5G era.  Kingsignal expects to conduct in-depth exchanges and strengthen cooperation with industry friends through MWC2019, let us meet meet in 6M22 "signal connection technology" booth of Kingsignal.




Feb. 25th -28th 

Fira Gran Via, Barcelona 

Booth Number of Kingsignal: Hall 6, 6M22 

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