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flame retardant and halogen - free low smoke flame retardant wire distinction

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/22

Ordinary, flame retardant and halogen - free low smoke flame retardant wire distinction


1, the ordinary power cable characteristics (model: BV, BVV, BVR, BV (B), RV, etc.): insulation is the use of ordinary PVC material as an insulating layer, the working temperature of up to 70 ℃, the product standard is GB5023-2008 , JB8734-2016 to perform. The price is relatively cheap.


2, flame retardant wire characteristics (model: BV, BVV, BVR, BV (B), RV, etc. in the common model before ZA, ZB, ZC, etc.): refers to the specified test conditions, the sample is burned, After the fire source is tested, the flame spreads only within a limited range, and the residual flame or creep can self-extinguish the cable within a limited time. The basic characteristics are: is not easy to fire or fire after the flame spread slowly and can control in a certain range, in layman's terms, if the wire in case of fire, can limit the combustion in the local area, do not spread, to avoid causing greater property Loss. Flame-retardant wire is divided into A class, B class, C class, D class, E class five levels, in which Class A flame retardant performance is optimal Flame retardant wire flame retardant performance should be GB / T 18380.3-2001 beam into the wire burning test, product implementation standards: GB / T19666-2005, GB / T5023-2008, JB / T8734-2016. The price is slightly higher than the ordinary wire.


3, halogen-free low smoke flame retardant wire features (model: WDZB-BYJ, WDZB-BYJR, WDZB-BYJY, etc.): is a new type of safety and environmental protection of the wire, its insulation, sheath, outer cover and auxiliary materials (XLPE) flame retardant material, not only has a better flame retardant properties, but also in the wire burning without halogen acid gas release, the cable smoke The amount of small, the wire burning because of low smoke and harmless (less toxic and corrosion), its halogen content of halogen-containing flame retardant cable about 1/3, the amount of smoke is also close to the recognized Of the "low smoke" level; apply to the cable flame retardant, smoke density, toxicity index and other places with special requirements.


Flame retardant performance According to GB / T18380-2001 test method, halogen-free performance according to GB / T17650-1998 test method, low smoke performance according to GB / T17651-1998 test method. The price is relatively high.


The above is a brief description of the causes of the heat generated during the operation of the power cable. To learn more about the power cable, please pay attention to kingsignal's official website

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