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Introduction of contact resistance parameters of electrical connector

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/18

We choose electrical connector products, the first thing to consider is its electrical parameters, and electrical connector contact resistance is one of the important parameters, the following to give you a detailed explanation of the electrical connector contact resistance parameters, help We have more understanding of electrical connector product features:


The contact resistance of the electrical connector refers to the resistance of the two contact conductors in the contact section. In the selection should pay attention to two issues:


1. The contact resistance index of the electrical connector is in fact contact resistance to the resistor, which includes contact resistance and contact to the conductor resistance. Usually the conductor resistance is small, so the contact resistance is called contact resistance in many technical specifications.


2. In the circuit that connects the small signal, pay attention to the conditions under which the contact resistance is given, because the contact surface will be attached to the oxide layer, oil or other pollutants, the two contact surface will produce film resistance. When the thickness of the film increases, the resistance increases rapidly, and the film becomes a defective conductor. However, the film in the high contact pressure will occur under the mechanical breakdown, or in high voltage, high current will occur under electrical breakdown. For some small size of the connector design of the contact pressure is quite small, the use of occasions only mA and mV level, the film resistance is not easy to breakdown, may affect the transmission of electrical signals. In order to prevent the insulating film on the contact piece from being punctured, the open circuit electromotive force of the test circuit is specified in the contact resistance resistance test method of one of the contact resistance test methods in GB5095 "Basic test procedure and measuring method for electromechanical components of equipment" Of the DC or AC peak should not be greater than 20mV, DC or AC test current should not be greater than 100mA. In fact, this is a low-level contact resistance test method, therefore, have the requirements of the selection, should be selected by the low level contact resistance indicator electrical connector.


The above is a brief introduction to the contact resistance parameters, learn more about the contents of the electrical connector, please pay attention to kingsignal official website

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