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How to improve the accuracy of optical cable line fault location

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/18

Optical fiber cable market continues to develop, optical fiber cable lines are laid and used in large quantities, and in the process, its reliability and safety are also more and more attention. Relevant data show that about two-thirds of the main cause of fiber-optic interruption is the optical cable line failure. How to improve the accuracy of optical cable line fault location has become the focus of fiber communication needs to be addressed.


First of all, to understand how to use the instrument, master the use of the instrument, help to accurately measure.


1. Set the parameters of the OTDR. When using the OTDR test, you must first set the instrument parameters, the most important of which is to set the refractive index and test wavelength of the test fiber. Only the basic parameters of the test instrument can be set accurately to create the conditions for accurate testing.


2. Use the instrument's magnification function. Apply the OTDR's magnification function to set the cursor at the corresponding inflection point. Use the zoom in function to zoom in to 25 meters, giving you a more accurate test result with a resolution of less than 1 meter.


3. Adjust the exact test range file. For different test range files, the OTDR test distance resolution is different, in the measurement of fiber barriers, should be selected than the measured distance and the nearest test range file, so as to make full use of the accuracy of the instrument itself to measure.


Second, the maintenance process should be established in the process of accurate completion of the original documents. These accurate completion of the optical cable line file are the basis for fault measurement. Therefore, the maintenance and management process can not be negligent, should establish a real. Trust. Complete line of information.


Finally, a comprehensive analysis. Obstacle points require that the operator have a clear idea and a flexible way to deal with the problem, logical thinking clear wherever they are very useful. Under normal circumstances, optical fiber cable at both ends of the two-way fault test, and then combined with the original data for analysis, and then ready to determine the specific location of the fault. When the fault point around the link is not obvious characteristics of the specific site can not be determined, then we can take the nearest joint measurement method can be in the initial test of the obstacles to excavation, end station test instrument in real-time measurement state.


The above is a brief introduction to improving the accuracy of optical cable line fault location, learn more about the contents of the optical cable, please pay attention to kingsignal official website

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