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How to consider the gasket on the electrical connector ?

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/16

The electrical connector is the basic component necessary for the complete system of various types of electronic systems in aerospace, defense and other fields. The main function is to transmit current and signal.


The gasket is placed between the two planes as a reinforcing seal material in order to prevent pressure from being damaged between the two objects, corrosion and piping natural thermal expansion and contraction to produce fluid leakage between the sealing elements provided between the static sealing surfaces, usually Made of paper, rubber sheet, silicone rubber, cork, glass fiber or copper.


Gaskets are commonly used as fasteners for distributing load threads and also used as spacers, springs, wear pads, pre-display devices and locking devices. The main role of the gasket for the electrical connector is to precisely position the tail of the terminal so that it is convenient for the customer to be plugged into the PCB. If space permits, the design can be designed as a cloud, so that the length of the bottom of the terminal Shorter, and the tail of the positive degree of the most accurate, the customer can directly align the PCB hole insertion, insert the process will push up to the positioning of the gasket.


The main role of the gasket is to correct the terminal, so the design point is to do a solid positioning, will not fall off, it will not lift because of their own. Therefore, in order to facilitate the alignment of the terminals at the time of assembly, the gasket is made in a ladder shape. This shape allows the contact of the gasket to be in contact with the contact point, and the terminal is applied to the gasket reaction force, Can effectively avoid the wipes flip skew, does not appear the shape of the terminal hole to modify the phenomenon, so that the straight section of the terminal exposed to the length of the plastic outside the narrow, with the protection of the terminal function, the staff pick and place terminals, The design of the design will affect the cooling effect of the terminal, resulting in poor heat dissipation, the total weight of the product heavier, in order to avoid the emergence of such problems, to prevent the weight of heavy pressure caused by the problem, the design, the aviation socket mat The standoff height of the bottom of the sheet is at least 0.15 mm.


The above is the electrical connector on the gasket need to consider the issue of a brief introduction to learn more about the contents of the electrical connector, please pay attention to kingsignal official website.

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