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Causes and Effects of Retraction at the Joint Box optical cable

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/16

With the rapid growth of optical communications business, as well as the completion of the merger and reorganization of telecom operators and optical cable prices lower, the wider use of optical cable, the new optical cable lines more and more, in addition to some of the provincial and provincial core Trunk network, most of which access network lines. The user selected the access network optical cable is generally a small number of small number of loose sets of layers of optical cable and the number of large distance between the optical fiber with optical cable, the vast majority of armored sheathing, optical cable laying also to pipeline And overhead.


Influence of Shrinkage Stress on Shear Retraction in Sheath


In the suburbs or rural areas to lay the main overhead, in the city is the majority of pipeline laying, pipe and tower in the case of more stringent resources, and some borrowed power tower lines overhead laying without metal optical cable. Optical cable (GYTA type) and S cable optical cable (GYTS type), for the power line under the erection of the anti-strong power Of the metal - free Y - type optical cable (GYFTY type).


Polyethylene is a highly crystalline polymer with a crystallinity of up to 80-90% at the time of polymerization. If the molten polyethylene is cooled to a temperature below the glass transition temperature, the cold polyethylene It becomes amorphous, if you encounter the thickness of the extruded sheath thicker, the internal temperature of the moment still can not reach the glass transition temperature below the sheath there is the presence of polyethylene crystals, so the polyethylene through Melting, cooling and recrystallization, the crystallinity generally can only reach 50-60%, because the polyethylene sheath is crystalline and amorphous molecular mixture, crystalline molecules are relatively stable, and amorphous Molecular performance is not very stable, especially for the impact of mechanical properties of the larger jacket, so the sheath on the remnants of a certain stress.


Influence of Shear Fixing Device on Shroud Retention in Joint Box


It is required to have a fastening device for optical cable sheathed and optical cable reinforcement, and there is a sealing assembly between the optical cable connector box and the optical cable connector and the optical cable jacket.


Part of the joint box manufacturers in the design of fixed components, the main consideration of the reinforcement of the fixed, while ignoring the sheath of the fixed, especially by the temperature changes affect the reliability of the jacket after the fixed box, which in the joint box type test It is reflected.


The above is a brief introduction to the reasons and effects of the slip cable sheath at the junction box. To learn more about the content of the optical cable, please look at the kingsignal website.

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