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What are the causes of optical cable life?

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/11

Optical fiber cable as the optical transmission industry, the main transmission medium in the industry after nearly 40 years of rapid development, in accordance with the original 25 years of design life, and now has entered a replacement of the peak period.


For the direct cable and pipeline optical cable, in the typical Huazhong meteorological and geographical conditions, if the technology itself does not take into account the progress of the optical cable eliminated and updated (such as the 1995 fiber-free PMD requirements), the following conclusions.


1. optical cable connection performance changes little. After 20 years of use, the success rate of a fiber is still more than 93% success, the performance does not affect the maintenance of the work.


2.optical cable transmission performance trends. The natural fiber breaking rate of the fiber is negligible, and its attenuation index will deteriorate with time. In the early stage of application, the aging trend of accelerating gradient is increased. After about 16 years, the decay value will maintain a stable state after aging. Fiber dispersion, PMD changes and the use of life is not necessarily linked, after years of use, still be able to carry part of the business.


3. Aging form and cause of formation. Optical cable aging is mainly manifested as an increase in attenuation and some of the protective material failure. Optical cable aging is caused by the stress state and stress changes of the fiber, not due to hydrogen loss and microcracking of the fiber. Optical cable The cause of aging is mainly caused by manufacturing links, including optical cable design, optical cable composition material, optical cable cable technology.


Specifically, for the domestic commonly used layer of twisted outdoor optical cable, fiber coating, fiber paste, loose tube size is the direct cause of optical cable aging.


The above is a brief introduction to the cause of the optical cable life, learn more about the contents of the optical cable, please pay attention to kingsignal official website.

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