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Principle and Present Situation of Optical Communication

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/10

With the development of science and technology, people's lifestyles have changed dramatically in terms of communication, from the original radio communication to the wired communication, to the present optical communication. So what is the realization of optical communication?


1. optical communication principle


In fact, optical communication is a kind of light as an information carrier to achieve communication. At present, due to the limitations of science and technology, our information is mainly in the form of electrical signals, in the realization of optical communication, the first electrical signal should be converted to optical signals, optical cable transmission and then converted into optical signal applications, The purpose of information transmission.


The most basic optical communication system consists of data sources, optical transmitters, optical channels and optical receivers.


Wherein the data source comprises all the signal sources which are signals obtained by the source code, such as voice, image and data, and the optical transmitter and the modulator are responsible for converting the signal into an optical signal suitable for transmission on the optical fiber, As the light waves in different fiber transmission is the attenuation of different characteristics of screening transmission light, the current use of light window window 0.85μm, 1.31μm and 1.55μm; optical channel, including the most basic fiber, as well as relay amplifier EDFA; optical reception Machine is used to receive optical signals, and extract information from it, and then converted into electrical signals, and finally get the corresponding voice, images, data and other information.


2. Status of optical communication


Based on the advantages of optical transmission bandwidth, large communication capacity, low transmission loss and long relay distance, the ultimate goal of the future transmission network is to build an all-optical network. In the access network, metropolitan area network and backbone network, Transmission instead of copper wire transmission ".


Among them, the backbone network is the speed, distance and capacity of the most demanding part of the network, the basic idea is in the past optical transmission network to introduce intelligent control plane, in order to achieve the allocation of resources on demand; and MAN will become operational To provide bandwidth and business and bottlenecks, at the same time, metropolitan area network will also become the biggest market opportunities; access network, FTTH (fiber to the home) is a long-term ideal solution. FTTx's evolution route will be the process of gradually moving the fiber to the user, from FTTN (fiber to cell) to FTTC (fiber to the roadside) and FTTB (fiber to the apartment building) and finally to FTTP (fiber to the station) , Of course it will be a long transitional period.


The above is a brief introduction to the principles and presentations of optical communication. To learn more about the content of the optical cable, please pay attention to the official website of kingsignal.

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