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Environmental protection power cable 6 big environmental advantages

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/10

With the concept of green in the global promotion and spread, the concept of environmental protection is gradually penetrating into all walks of life. With the gradual use of environmentally friendly products and popular, wire power cable industry has begun to pay attention to environmental protection power cable research and development and promotion.


At present, developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan and other countries on the use of power cable environmental requirements are increasingly high, has been strictly prohibited or imported non-environmentally friendly power cable. China also attaches great importance to this area, the relevant laws and regulations clear requirements, in major projects, the use of non-environmentally friendly power cable is strictly prohibited. Previously, Beijing and Shanghai have also banned the use of non-environmentally friendly power cable.


Traditional power cable not only contains lead, cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals, in the manufacture. Use. Waste treatment process will be a lot of dioxin. Lead. Cadmium. Halide and other harmful substances; in case of fire burning, but also Release a lot of smoke, but also produce a large number of corrosive harmful gases, not only pollute the environment, but also cause a lot of casualties. Relative to the traditional power cable, environmentally friendly power cable cable with a high flame retardant. Halogen-free. Low malycin. Does not produce corrosive gases. High transmittance and high protection against ultraviolet or water.


1. High flame retardant: environmentally friendly power cable can fully guarantee its high fire requirements of the building requirements, fire, environmental protection power cable can not only not easy to burn, but also to prevent the spread of the flame after the spread of fire and expansion.


2. Halogen-free: the use of green environmental insulation layer. Sheath and special oxygen barrier material, not only environmentally friendly power cable has good electrical properties. Physical and mechanical properties, and to ensure that the product does not contain halogen. Solve the formation of its combustion Of the "secondary pollution", to avoid the traditional PVC wire burning can produce carcinogenic "dioxin" material.


3. Low toxin: environmental protection power cable insulation and sheath does not contain lead. Cadmium and other harmful heavy metals, in the use of environmentally friendly power cable and disposal will not be on the soil. Water pollution. And after harsh toxicity experiments, the rats in the prescribed experimental conditions safe and sound.


4. Does not produce corrosive gases: the use of environmentally friendly non-polluting new special coating materials, so that the use of environmentally friendly power cable in the use of the process and combustion will not produce HCL and other toxic gases, emissions of very little acid on the staff and equipment. Equipment damage is small, more environmentally friendly features.


5. High transmittance: environmentally friendly power cable Smoke generated when burning is extremely thin, is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and fire fighting work carried out. In general, environmentally friendly power cable products transmitt more than 40%, far higher than the traditional flame retardant category power cable cable light transmission rate of less than 20% of the standard.


6. Ultraviolet or water high protection: this performance can make environmentally friendly power cable in the use of less vulnerable to weathering, to some extent slow down the environmental protection power cable aging speed, to extend its service life.


In general, environmentally friendly power cable is a big trend. In recent years, the sales share of environmentally friendly power cable products has expanded dramatically. Because of the environmental protection power cable, it has the advantages of no pollution to people and environment, high safety and reliability, long service life and so on, and will become the mainstream of power cable market.


Above is a brief description of environmental protection power cable environmental advantages, learn more about power cable content, please pay attention to kingsignal official website

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