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The resistance value is the electrical connector important detection mark

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/03

The main role of the electrical connector is to be blocked or isolated between the different circuits to do communication between the bridge to ensure that the current or signal transmission smooth, is an indispensable part of electronic equipment. Along the current smooth flow of observation, you will find one or more, depending on the form and structure can be divided into a variety of different parts of our side can be seen everywhere, such as: U disk interface, hard drive, car Control equipment and so on. Regardless of which industry is used, the most important function of the electrical connector is to ensure that the current is smooth and continuous and reliable, so its main feature is the connection and conduction.


Metal transmission function is a large number of materials can not go beyond, so its use status has been unable to shake, but the use of resistance problems exist, the resistance is the physical resistance of the conductor that the size of the role of resistance, the greater the conductor resistance, The greater the effect of the obstruction. Want to ensure that the electrical connector connection and conduction characteristics, must pay attention to resistance problems, which is its electrical function can not be ignored an important electrical indicators.


??Electrical resistance has a lot of classification, the most important for the electrical connector should be anti-electrical strength, the need to carry the signal transmission wave is completed, the use of electricity in the conductor in the transport capacity, but if the current transmission in the process of interference or operation Poor words, the signal will be a mistake and loss of the situation. It is necessary to solve the interference situation is the most effective way to install the shielding device in the docking department of the electrical connector, the device has the role of anti-electromagnetic interference The Use a shield device to load a range of frequencies into the electrical connector. Determine whether the electrical connector is qualified by the frequency in the transmission, through the connector after the attenuation to determine.


The above is a brief introduction to the electrical connector resistance, learn more about the electrical connector content, please pay attention to kingsignal official website.

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