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China needs to strengthen the laying of coastal optical cable

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/03

With China's "all the way", the deep implementation of the marine strategy, as well as the global broadband speed, the expansion of the submarine optical cable system, to the development of the sea liner cable brought a huge market space.


There are market analysis, submarine optical cable system only terminal equipment annual sales of nearly 600 million US dollars, submarine cable system market total sales of more than 10 billion US dollars.


China's coastal sea cable optical cable laying the situation is not optimistic, China does not have its own coastal sea cable optical cable system. Zhao Zisen academician in the June 6 held "2017 optical information and optical network conference," said China's submarine optical network construction is generally "color" submarine optical cable network. In addition, China also helped Southeast Asia and Central America, South America to build "flower color" submarine optical cable network.


Cable laying and maintenance is the most troublesome problem for optical communication equipment manufacturers. There are two kinds of laying of submarine cable, one is made on the ship optical cable, while making the laying of the road; the second is, land and coastal manufacturing: land cable, plate on board, along the coast laying.


The laying of submarine cable is also divided into shallow sea optical cable laying and deep sea optical cable laying. Shallow sea optical cable laying is generally by the underwater robot ditch and detection, deep sea optical cable laying is laid directly, no groove placed.


With the continuous progress of science and technology, China's long-distance fiber has been very good development, fiber transmission can reach 100G or 400G, which, the domestic development of the maximum length (245km) double armor copper structure of the sea cable cable, , Breaking the long-term submarine optical cable copper pipe argon continuous manufacturing technology bottlenecks, and to achieve a variety of natural transition.


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