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The connector of the electrical connector is often encountered

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/02

The use of terminals need to reach the contact parts of the conduction of the place to be conductive, contact to be reliable; insulation parts should not be conductive place must be insulated and reliable purpose. However, there are often problems of poor contact or poor insulation and poor fixation.


The core part of the terminal is a metal conductor that transfers the voltage, current, or signal from an external wire or cable to the contact that corresponds to its mating connector. It can be seen whether the structural design of the contact piece is reasonable, the material selection is correct, the mold is stable, the processing technology and the heat treatment plating and other surface treatment process is reasonable and so on will directly affect the aviation plug terminal contact good, Select the connector connector should be selected with excellent structure, stable and reliable contact retention and two conductive properties of the contact. At the same time improper assembly, the use of harsh storage and improper operation can also make contact with the contact parts and parts of the poor contact, so use and storage should be operated to operate the rules.


In order to keep the electrical connector contacts in the correct position and to insulate between the contacts and the contacts, the contacts and the housing, the connector terminals need to use insulation, so the insulation must have good electrical performance , Mechanical properties and process performance. With the high density, miniaturization of the wide range of terminal blocks, the need for effective wall thickness of the insulator is thinner, which on the insulation material, injection mold accuracy and molding process put forward higher requirements.


As the surface of the electrical connector or the internal easy to exist metal residues, organic material precipitates and harmful gas adsorption film and surface water film fusion to form ionic conductive channel, moisture absorption, mildew, insulation materials such as aging problems will cause short circuit, leakage , Breakdown, insulation resistance is low and other poor insulation phenomenon.


Insulators in addition to insulation, but also to extend the contact to provide accurate protection and protection, but also has the installation and positioning, locking fixed on the device function. If the fixed is not good, will affect the reliability of contact caused by power failure, and even cause abnormal separation between products, and ultimately lead to control system power transmission and signal control interrupt the serious consequences. The emergence of these problems is mainly because the design is not reliable, material selection error, improper selection of molding process, poor production process, assembly is not in place and other factors.


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