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Three Measures for Lightning Protection of Optical Fiber

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/02

With the development of the network, fiber as a composite wiring system used to transmit data in a medium, because to have a high transmission rate, distance and other advantages, more and more people use. As we all know, the fiber is non-conductive, can be free from the impact of current, optical cable also has a good protective performance, optical cable in the metal components to the higher insulation value, lightning current is not easy to enter the optical cable, but because the optical cable Strengthen the core, especially the direct buried optical cable with armor layer, and thus in the optical cable line by lightning, the optical cable can also be burned or damaged.


The following is in the integrated wiring construction optical cable fiber lightning protection of the three measures for your reference:


1. Lightning protection for straight line optical cable lines


(1) the way of grounding, the optical cable in the metal parts in the joint parts should be connected to the relay section of the optical cable to strengthen the core, moisture layer, armor layer to maintain connectivity;


(2) According to the provisions of YDJ14-91, in the optical cable joints moisture layer, armor layer and reinforced core should be electrical disconnection, and are not grounded, the ground was insulated, to avoid the optical cable induced lightning current Of the accumulation, but also to avoid the lightning protection line and the optical cable metal components to the ground circuit impedance difference caused by the earth's lightning current from the grounding device into the optical cable.


2. Lightning protection for overhead cable


The overhead lines shall be electrically connected and grounded every 2 km, grounded or grounded properly by means of a suitable surge protection device. This hanging line has the protective effect of overhead ground wire.


3.optical cable into the terminal box after the lightning protection


Terminal box should be grounded in the lightning current into the optical cable metal layer, the terminal box ground can quickly let go of lightning current, play a protective role. The use of direct buried optical cable with armor layer and strengthen the core, outer sheath for the PE (polyethylene) jacket, can be effective anti-corrosion and anti-rat bite.


The above is a brief description of the optical cable lightning protection measures, learn more about the contents of the optical cable, please pay attention to kingsignal official website.

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