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China Mobile built 1 million 440 thousand 4G base stations accounted for the global total of 1/3


As of the third quarter of this year, China Mobile has built the world's largest 4G network, with a total of 4G base stations and 481 million 4G users, VoLTE commercial city reached 313, China Mobile vice president Li Zhengmao Said.

He was in the same period in 2016, the International Telecommunications Exhibition held from 4G to 5G-TDD spectrum seminar to share the latest developments in the construction of China Mobile TD-LTE network. China Mobile built the size of the 4G network, the rapid development of both

The world's leading, 1 million 440 thousand base stations account for about 34% of the total number of global 4G base stations, covering China's population of about 99.7%, the size of the user, accounting for about 481 million of the total number of 4G users around the world about 31%.

Meanwhile, in the joint efforts of China Mobile and its partners, the terminal also has more than 2398 models of mobile phones to support its TD-LTE network, which accounted for more than 1000 machines accounted for more than 70%.

The development of TD-LTE has laid a solid foundation for the future 5G. Li Zhengmao pointed out that, on the one hand, TDD with its flexible uplink and downlink time slot ratio, the asymmetry of the demand for spectrum resources, efficient use of continuous large bandwidth spectrum High speed and other advantages, so that it can better meet the needs of the development of enhanced mobile broadband in the 5G era, on the other hand, TDD technology, such as large-scale antenna is the core technology of 5G, the cornerstone of 5G. China Mobile will gradually Commercial large-scale antenna technology, making the TD-LTE spectrum efficiency and network rate continues to improve, laying a solid foundation for the development of 5G.

He also said that in order to meet the new era of integration and innovation of the Internet of things 5G brings innovation, China Mobile launched in February this year, 5G joint innovation center". So far, there have been 51 partners, including 24 family Unified communications companies, as well as 27 vertical industry partners, and relying on open laboratory launched a joint innovation projects of the 30. In the future, China Mobile will further through the 5G joint innovation center with all walks of life partners Exhibition 5G cross industry integration innovation

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