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Asia Pacific submarine cable in Shanghai opened direct transmission capacity: 54T


Transmission capacity of 54T Asia Pacific submarine cable system (APG) today officially opened. At the same time, the service for 17 years, the transmission capacity of 80G between China and the United States the first submarine optical cable system (CUCN) to complete the mission, for retirement".

APG is the Southeast Asia submarine cable joint China Telecom by 13 partners to jointly invest in the construction, this is from the Asia Pacific submarine cable No. two, China Telecom in Shanghai construction of second main cable connection to Southeast asia. APG system length of about 10900 km, a total of connected to the landing site of 11. The system uses advanced single wave 100Gbps wavelength division multiplexing transmission technology, providing a total capacity of 54T.

APG 100Gbps provides high speed channel access to three continents, including Shanghai, Shanghai and North America to the Middle East, North Africa, southern Europe and Southeast Asia in high speed channel routing, but also further solid Shanghai communication hub in the Asia Pacific region.

The international telecommunication business backbone network APG joined the China Telecom after the service will be based in Shanghai, the country and the world, to undertake a national "The Belt and Road" strategy, with the rapid economic development of Southeast Asia area as the core driving force, information technology provides strong guarantee for development along the country's economy.

0 operators today "retired" by China Telecom, CUCN KDD and NTT AT&T in the United States, Japan and MCI from 9 countries and regions, a total investment of $1 billion 100 million, started construction in 1997, 1999 put into use, the system is a ring network, there are nine landing sites, a total length of 30000 km, using 2.5G at that time the most advanced wave division multiplexing technology, 80G provides a volume equivalent to 1 million telephone channels, sea cable was the capacity between China and East Asia is among the largest and most advanced technology, with the advent of technology updates, larger capacity submarine cable system, and improve the Internet transmission requirements, the system is not suitable for the responsibility the main communication between China and the United states. With the consent of the Management Committee of the American submarine, CUCN network back at the end of 2016.

1975 the first submarine cable landing in Shanghai, opened a prelude to an era. Ardent adhering to "build, learn" Premier Zhou, 40 years, China Telecom has built 6 sets of submarine cable system (including submarine cable system, including 5 sets of system landing in Chongming), the formation of the Chongming international submarine cable landing Bureau, Chinese submarine cable construction company limited, the British submarine System Co Ltd submarine construction the main and maintenance of professional team, will be playing in Shanghai for Chinese, together with the Asia Pacific International Cable Information center.

According to C114, the China Telecom has access to the South China Sea cable, and on the basis of the sand, Nansha, Paracel Islands and reefs 2G, 3G, 4G mobile network to achieve full coverage. In the world, the China Telecom has 8 international import and export business bureau, 14 land cable international border Export Bureau 3 international submarine cable export Bureau, 40 international sea cable access to 72 countries and regions in the world. Has five major global flow switching centers in the global key areas supporting the construction of the 10 large IDC and the 5 industrial parks. Nearly three years of data show that China increased to Europe, America, Asia Pacific International two-way flow rate, direction of inflow and outflow in Europe increased by 200% and 100%; the direction of flow out of Asia Pacific (export) high-speed growth of 3.6 times.

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