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《Shenzhen Economic Daily—Interview with Kingsignal General Manager Richard Yu Kingsignal will be the leader in satellite communication intelligent interconnection operation》



As a local high-tech listed company in Shenzhen, Kingsignal has always been a low-key industry and is not well known to ordinary citizens. But in the field of industry segmentation, it is actually a small giant in the industry. The Kingsignal strategy has entered the Sky Sea World and officially entered the field of satellite communications, which has also aroused great concern in the industry. In the public view, Kingsignal is more about signal interconnection products such as cables, connectors, fiber optic cables, optical modules, PCBs, etc. Why choose to deploy the satellite communication industry? At the signing ceremony of the two parties, Shenzhen Economic Daily reporter interviewed General Manager Richard Yu of Kingsignal. He said: Kingsignal should be the leader in the field of satellite communication intelligent interconnection operation!




Reporter: Why did Kingsignal enter the field of satellite communication operations?
Richard Yu: Kingsignal, the innovator of interconnection technology, is a high-tech private-owned listed company (stock code: 300252.SZ) that integrates R&D, production and sales. It focuses on providing full series of signal interconnected products, programs and services for core customers of different industries and fields around the world to achieve transformation from normal connection to effective connection, extension from effective connection to value connection through forward-looking layout based on 5G AIoT. After the company went public in 2011, we have been seeking more business development and transformation. As early as 2017, the company invested in a company that made satellite communication chips and antennas in Israel. Because the core of satellite communications is chips and antennas, there were layouts and considerations in this area.

The entire satellite communication industry chain is actually more complicated, and the technical difficulty threshold is relatively high. To make a difference in this field, we must seek cooperation in the entire industrial chain. So we chose to cooperate with Sky Sea World, which is an important step in the field of satellite communications.


Reporter: Why choose Sky Sea World? How do the two companies complement each other?

Richard Yu: We are strong on the architecture of hardware and software systems, but if you do not open up the entire industry chain, especially the user, it is meaningless even though your ability is strong. The strongest strength of Sky Sea World is that it cooperates with operators and has a relatively good market share and capability in the field of satellite communication operations. After we cooperated with Sky Sea World, we have opened up the entire industrial chain of satellite communications, from antennas to chips to system equipment, terminal equipment and operational services. We have completed this entire industry chain. We can finally provide users with a low-cost satellite communication solution through this way.



Reporter: What changes will Kingsignal bring to the industry in the field of satellite communication operations?

Richard Yu: The most important reason that hinders the development of satellite communications is that it is expensive, and this is a source of lack of innovation in the industry. For example, a satellite communication mobile phone may require 8,000 yuan. Only by lowering the terminal cost and lowering the communication fee, everyone is more willing to use it. The larger the user volume, the more the industry can be driven.


For some users, satellite communications may be their only means of communication when they are at sea, in the highlands, and in the Gobi. To let this really good product benefit every user is the real purpose of Kingsignal. With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people need to use the satellite communication. For example, Alxa will hold the largest cross-country race in the world during the eleventh year of the year. A small place with a population of tens of thousands will suddenly gather millions of people in those days. However, there is basically no network coverage throughout the game, and traditional communication phones are not available. So how to deal with the communication problems of the games and ensure the safety of everyone's communication?  Sky Sea World cooperates with operators to access satellite communication services to ensure that both the competitors and off-road enthusiasts who start self-driving routes after the event can enjoy the security provided by satellite communication services anytime and anywhere.


After Kingsignal and Sky Sea World cooperated together, the price of satellite communication equipment and satellite communication terminals will be lowered through the cooperation of the industrial chain, so that more people can use satellite communication. This will in turn drive down the price of satellite communications products due to the increase in the number of users. Secondly, the current satellite traffic usage fee is still relatively high. Jin Xinnuo hopes to work hard with its peers to reduce the traffic charges. This has a lot of room. Once again, we will use the operating lease to sell satellite communication terminals, which you can't afford, then I will rent it to you. Leases involve someone who wants to operate, and we and the Sky Sea world unite to do this. From these three perspectives, the cost can be greatly reduced, so that more people can truly experience the benefits of satellite communications.



Reporter: What is the estimated capacity of this market?

Richard Yu: This market is very big and we are very optimistic. According to one data, the total number of outdoor activities in the United States in 2015 was 1.17 billion times, and 142 million Americans (about 43.69% of the total US population) participated in at least one outdoor event; According to the statistics of the China Mountaineering Association in 2016, there are about 130 million people in China who are engaged in outdoor sports, accounting for 9.39% of the total population. In the past few years, China has developed very fast and the growth rate is very fast.

Of course, in this field, there must be competitors, but the industry has not been fully motivated like the traditional communications industry, and the competition is not very much. At present, the innovation for satellite communication is actually the integration of the satellite communication industry chain. The faster the integration, the larger the scale, the higher the speed and the lower cost, the more able to stand out. This is an opportunity and a challenge for Kingsignal and Sky Sea World.



Report: What is the future goal of Kingsignal?
Richard Yu: We hope to cooperate with Sky Sea World to become a leader in the field of satellite communication intelligent interconnection operations.

Kingsignal pursues the realization from normal connection to effective connection to value connection. We want to build an ecological chain of value connection. What is a value connection? Only operational services are value connections. Just as you build a signal transmission pipeline and establish a signal interconnection network, this can only achieve normal and efficient connections. At that time, you intelligently operated this signal interconnection network, so that users with deep coverage of the network could not do without you, and realized the intelligent interconnection of signals. This is the real value connection.


Therefore, Kingsignal is no longer a cable manufacturer, connector manufacturer or printed circuit board manufacturer. Kingsignal has transformed itself into a technology company that can provide customers in the signal intelligent interconnection field from normal connection to effective connection to value connection solution and deep operation. This is our clearest positioning and the firmest belief in the future.



Source: Shenzhen Economic Daily  Reporter: Ji Jie


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