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There are those areas that are prone to problems of electrical connector

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/17

Electrical connector products can be quickly connected to the electronic equipment and disconnect, can effectively transmit the signal, we must make sure to use the connection to ensure the normal performance of the equipment, the contact must be exposed to the place where the insulation must be insulated The According to my factory for many years of production and application point of view, the current electrical connector failure in a variety of forms, the following made a summary.


The contact is the core part of the electrical connector and is the conductive part of the electrical connector that conveys the voltage or signal from the cable or wire connected to the rear of the connector to the contact that corresponds to the connector. So the contact must have excellent structure, stable and reliable contact retention and good electrical conductivity. As the electrical structure of the connector connector is unreasonable, the material selection is wrong, the machining size is extremely poor, the surface is rough, the heat treatment, the bonding and the surface treatment are unreasonable, the storage environment is bad and the operation is improperly used, Parts and termination parts caused by poor contact.


The effect of the insulator is to keep the contacts in the correct position and to insulate the contact between the contacts and the contacts, the contacts and the housing. So the insulation must have excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and process performance. Especially with the high density, miniature electrical connector widely used, some spacing of 0.635mm, or even 0.3mm. This is the insulation material, injection mold precision and molding process put forward more stringent requirements. As the surface of the electrical connector or the presence of metal residues inside the surface, the surface dust, flux and other pollution damp, organic material precipitates and harmful gas adsorption film and the surface of the water film to form an ionic conductive channel, moisture absorption, mildew, insulating material Aging and other reasons, will cause short circuit, leakage, breakdown, insulation resistance is low, such as poor insulation


The above is a sense of electrical connector is a brief introduction to the problem, to learn more about the contents of the electrical connector, please pay attention to kingsignal official website.

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