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Features of aluminum alloy power cable

author:kingsignal time:2017/08/08

1. Power loss in the transmission process depends on the conductor resistance rather than resistivity: power cable commonly used in copper and aluminum are two kinds of materials. Since the resistivity of the aluminum conductor is larger than that of the copper conductor, it is concluded that the conductor with aluminum as the cable should be much more important than the copper conductor during the power transmission. Theoretically, the loss of electrical energy is proportional to the resistance of the conductor and is inversely proportional to the cross section. Absolutely believe that the loss of aluminum than copper is not scientific.


2. Under the same current carrying capacity, the diameter of the aluminum alloy conductor is about 1.2 times that of the copper conductor. Will the increase of the conductor diameter increase the conductor diameter too much, thus affecting the installation? Can be used to solve the following methods, the first can be considered in the design of aluminum alloy cable diameter factor; second in the manufacture of conductor compression technology, the compression factor of 0.93, so that the outer diameter of aluminum alloy cable compared to copper cable only increased by 10 % Of the diameter factor will be reduced to a minimum.


3. When the equivalent cross-sectional length is the same, the weight of the aluminum alloy conductor is 50% of the copper conductor. Since the cross-section of the aluminum alloy is large, the weight of the conductor can be reduced due to the smaller specific gravity.


4. Good performance due to the addition of iron, magnesium, rare earth and other elements: greatly improved the toughness and high creep resistance after annealing. In practice, copper-aluminum connections have been the most critical issue. Copper and aluminum (or aluminum) if direct; connection contact, metal material is different, there is potential difference in the humid air will occur electrochemical corrosion. In the power system, this corrosion will increase the contact resistance, so that the joints at the heat, the system is safe operation of the hidden dangers. Now the use of new technology to create copper and aluminum joints from the fundamental elimination of the past there is a fatal failure of copper and aluminum joints, so that the aluminum alloy cable connector safe and reliable, easy to operate.


5. Mechanical performance improvement: As in the pure aluminum alloy iron, copper, rare earth and other alloy elements, improve the overall performance of aluminum, elongation, creep performance.


6. High strength: alloying to improve the tensile strength of aluminum.


The above is a brief description of the characteristics of aluminum alloy power cable, learn more about the contents of power cable, please pay attention to kingsignal official website

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