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How to distinguish the quality of coaxial cable ?

author:kingsignal time:2017/04/17

Corrugated Coaxial Cable


Coaxial cable is usually used in the transmission of cable TV (SYWV cable) and monitoring signal (SYV cable).Due to the high performance of anti - interference and attenuation for CATV and monitoring signal, it is very important to distinguish the quality of coaxial cable. Here are some tips on how to distinguish the quality of coaxial cable:


1.coaxial cable gap and insulation layer roundness 


In general, the smaller the gap, the better the performance of the cable, while the gap is large, the air into the shield will affect the service life of the cable.


At the same time, by looking at the cable insulation roundness can also determine whether the cable section standard, standard coaxial cable is round, the outer surface of the outer conductor cable with aluminum foil and the outer surface, more rounded, the gap in aluminum foil is smaller and more.


2.The tightness of the outer protective layer of coaxial cable


Check the coaxial cable outside the protective layer of the squeeze tightness, the package is very tight, indicating that the quality is better. 


Because it can reduce the gap between the shield to prevent the air from entering the oxidation and sliding caused by the drift of electrical properties. But it can not be too tight package, otherwise it will result in the removal of protective layer, generally can not pull out the core line.   


3.Observe the surface of the aluminum foil layer of the coaxial cable and the luster of the braided wire


Aluminum foil plays a very important role in shielding coaxial cable, coaxial cable to determine quality can be identified by aluminum foil, aluminum foil plays an important role in preventing the interference of external signal and television signal from .


Cut off the sheath layer to see whether the surface of the aluminum foil layer and the wire mesh are kept in good gloss.


Then take a cable, around the metal shaft, taut, repeated several times in a straight direction to the reverse direction, and then cut off the sheath to see if there is a crack in aluminum foil. 


Or take a small piece of aluminum foil directly with the hand stretched, rub, many times after the fracture has not yet, toughness is better, indicating that qualified products, or vice versa.


 Tri-Coaxial Cable


4.Check the braid of the coaxial cable


Check the braided mesh, woven mesh on the coaxial cable shielding performance is also very important. 


Cut off the sheath line, take a small braided net, to identify the number, if the value of the index with the given, indicating that qualified products. 


Or a single braided wire with spiral micrometer measurement, the same price of coaxial cable, the more thick wire diameter, the better the quality.


5.Change the coaxial cable into circular


The cable placed in a circle, can also see the quality problem, cable ring formation, are maintained at the agreed concentric plane, the cable between the arc parallel, this is not only beautiful, but also a factor to judge the quality of the coaxial cable.


6.Check the insulating medium of the coaxial cable


Cut off a piece of insulating medium of a cable and check the outside diameter of each point with a micrometer. Insulating medium is the main factor that affects the echo coefficient of the cable.


The above is the basic method of coaxial cable distinction, to learn more please pay attention to kingsignal.

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