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Canon 39 billion 500 million yuan acquisition of Toshiba medical camera from the camera to the medical image?


In December 20 noon news, Canon has announced the completion of Toshiba medical subsidiary of Toshiba medical system acquisition program, the acquisition of approximately 665 billion 500 million yen (at current exchange rates, about 39 billion 500 million yuan. When the acquisition was announced in March,

About RMB 38 billion 700 million yuan.

The news comes from a large Japanese news agency Kyodo news. Toshiba medical system has been a subsidiary of Toshiba, mainly engaged in the production of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X ray detector and other medical equipment sales. In March this year, due to financial

The issue of fraud exposure into the crisis of Toshiba announced the sale of the subsidiary. Fuji film Holdings Co., Ltd. and other acquisitions, Canon eventually won.

2016 for the Canon group, the world's best corporate group concept of the fifth phase of the start of the year, Canon proposed to achieve strategic transformation, new challenges, the basic principles, the development of the seven major strategies. Its second points, through the expansion

Existing business to achieve diversification of the surrounding business, and strive to create and expand new business. Will focus on the allocation of business resources to commercial printing, security surveillance cameras, life sciences and other fields, through mergers and acquisitions to expand the scale of business as soon as possible.

Canon believes that the development potential of the medical field is huge, is using CMOS sensors and inkjet printing technology, the development of time consuming significantly reduced gene detection device. 2015, Canon, the United States to industrialization as the goal, set up

Canon biomedical Co., Ltd., in addition, also released a gene sequence information for cancer and genetic research kit Novallele".

For the acquisition of Toshiba medical systems, Canon said that the future will make full use of Toshiba medical image diagnosis technology has, to strengthen the medical business, will aim to develop relevant new areas to explore further mergers and acquisitions.

Canon group in 2015 to achieve turnover of 31 billion 407 million U.S. dollars, of which the proportion of office products contributed turnover accounted for more than 55.5%, imaging system products accounted for more than $33.3%; net profit of $1 billion 820 million. Canon set in recent years

Changes in the turnover of the group is stable, the net profit of the above trend, but compared to earlier years, still fell.

In addition to the massive investment in health care, Canon is also involved in the development of the Japan Aerospace Research and Development Agency (JAXA) micro rocket. Through the use of sophisticated instruments in the accumulation of experience and technology, Canon will Control system for rocket projectile.

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