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Tens of billions of orders Unicom's large-scale expansion of 4G network, will add 416,000 base stations




The tender for China Unicom's wireless network integration project, which has received much attention from the industry, has recently ended.


This tender involves 41,600 stations of L900 and L1800 base stations, L1800 integration, software functions, etc. It is the largest bidding project in China before 5G commercial.


It is reported that the project announced the announcement on January 18, 2019, the bid opening on February 12, and the bid evaluation on February 13. Such high efficiency also reflects the desire of China Unicom to improve the 4G network.


After evaluation by the bid evaluation committee, four system equipment manufacturers were selected in the bidding, among which: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. won the first place; ZTE Corporation won the second place; Ericsson (China) Communication Co., Ltd. won the third place. Nokia Communications Systems Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. won the fourth place.


According to the data, the main frequency band used by China Unicom's LTE network is mainly 1800MHz. With the construction and optimization of LTE network for many years, a data service network with good coverage and quality has been formed, but there is deep coverage in the urban area due to the influence of buildings. The problem, and some remote rural areas have not yet built an LTE network.


Through this bidding, China Unicom will give full play to the technical advantages of 900M in low-frequency voice network, Internet of Things and data network, and create a continuous coverage of the whole business base network for 5G to build a sustainable minimalist network architecture. Prepare for the 5G network deployment.


Source: C114