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Electrical connector in the connector connector

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Electrical connector technical conditions: the production of different materials with the specifications of the contact, provides a different contact resistance assessment indicators. Such as Y50Xelectrical connector implementation of GJB101A-97 standard, XC line spring hole electrical connector implementation GJB2889 standard, diameter of 1mm contact contact resistance, copper alloy ≤ 5mΩ, iron alloy ≤ 15mΩ.


2. Positive pressure


The positive pressure of the contact is the force that is generated by the surface in contact with each other and perpendicular to the contact surface. With the increase of the positive pressure, the number and area of ??the contact micro points are gradually increased, and the contact micro point changes from the elastic deformation to the plastic deformation. As the resistance is gradually reduced, leaving the contact resistance is reduced. The contact pressure is mainly dependent on the geometry of the contact and the material properties.


3. surface state


The surface of the contact is as follows: due to dust, rosin, oil, etc., in the contact surface of the mechanical attachment of the formation of a more loose surface of the membrane, this layer of film with a micro-material easily embedded in the contact surface of the micro- So that the contact area is reduced, the contact resistance increases, and very unstable. Second, due to the physical adsorption and chemical adsorption of the formation of the contaminated film, the metal surface is mainly chemical adsorption, it is in the physical adsorption with the migration caused by electrons. So some high reliability requirements of the product, such as aerospace electrical connector must have a clean assembly production environment conditions, improve the cleaning process and the necessary structural sealing measures, the use of units must have a good storage and use of operating conditions The


4. use voltage


The use of voltage to a certain threshold, will contact the electrical connector contact layer was broken, leaving the contact resistance decreased rapidly. However, due to the thermal effect of the film near the accelerated chemical reaction, the film has a certain repair effect. So the resistance is non-linear. In the vicinity of the threshold voltage, the small fluctuations in voltage drop can cause the current to change within 20 or several times. So that the contact resistance has undergone great changes, do not understand this nonlinear changes, will test and use the contact when the error.




When the current exceeds a certain value, the contact interface at a small point after the power generated by the Joule heat to soften or melt the metal, will have an impact on the concentration of resistance, followed by reducing the contact resistance.


The above is a brief introduction to the electrical connector pin connector performance, learn more about the electrical connector content, please pay attention to kingsignal official website.

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