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Kingsignal won the bid for China Mobile's optical module project, achieving a breakthrough in scale



Recently, Kingsignal (300252.SZ) successfully won three bids in the 2020 passive wavelength division multiplexing equipment procurement project of China Mobile Inner Mongolia Branch, with a total of more than 11 million tax included. This Inner Mongolia Mobile Passive Wavelength Division Multiplexing project is the first large-scale operator base station fronthaul project that Kingsignal has won the bid for the optical module field.


Inner Mongolia Mobile’s 2020 passive wavelength division multiplexing equipment procurement project has a total of 5 bids, with a total budget of more than 41 million, covering 10G/25G CWDM color optical modules and passive wavelength division multiplexers involved in 4G/5G fronthaul. Kingsignal successfully won the first three bids, with a cumulative bid amount exceeding 11 million, achieving a scale breakthrough.


Since the date of bidding for the Inner Mongolia mobile project, Kingsignal has fully prepared for the project from the three dimensions of business, technology and price to ensure that it has an advantage in the final bidding process. Since Kingsignal's deployment in the operator market, although it started late, it has a high starting point. After unremitting efforts, Kingsignal has entered the operator project on a large scale for the first time, enhancing confidence and setting an example for subsequent participation in operator projects.


The Inner Mongolia Mobile bidding for the passive WDM project comes at a time when domestic operators are in full swing in the 5G network construction period. The 25G CWDM color optical modules and passive WDMs used in this tender are used for 5G base station fronthaul. Compared with the traditional direct connection of radio frequency and baseband, the 25G passive wavelength division scheme can greatly save the optical cable resources for carrying forward transmission, shorten the time of 5G base station opening, reduce the comprehensive cost of base station opening, and increase the optical cable reuse rate.



Judging from the projects tendered by operators in the past year, in the future, passive WDM technology and semi-active WDM technology with network management functions will be the best partners in the fronthaul network of operators' base stations, and will be another main battlefield for various optical module manufacturers to compete.


Based on this, Kingsignal has already deployed the MWDM solution in advance, which is the Open-WDM/MWDM proposed by China Mobile. Active wavelength division is used on the DU side and passive wavelength division on the AAU side. The first 6 waves of 25G CWDM are offset by 3.5nm to form a complete 12-channel access solution.


This scheme is a semi-active WDM scheme, which can realize network management access. Compared with the 25 CWDM scheme, it can perfectly solve the equipment management problem. At present, China Mobile is vigorously promoting this program, and it will be gradually commercialized in the later period.


In the 5G construction of domestic operators, especially in the construction plan represented by China Mobile, in the fronthaul part of 5G, fiber multipliers and color light modules will be widely used to save investment. Color light modules will have huge market demand in the network construction of major domestic operators in the future.



Kingsignal’s color light modules are completely independently developed. Kingsignal is actively exploring future-oriented color light module technologies and has released smart tunable IPL modules at the 2019 CIOE. This product can realize intelligent wavelength adaptation. A single module can adapt to any 12-channel DWDM wavelength, which perfectly adapts to the number of channels carried by the base station's fronthaul. The intelligent tunable optical module will become a new direction for the development of optical modules with the advantages of unified coding, intelligent wavelength adaptation, adaptive multiple application scenarios, and fewer spare parts. In the future, Kingsignal will actively carry out product innovation based on market demand and technological development.



It is reported that by 2020, the number of 5G base stations in the domestic market will be about 600,000 stations, the 25G CWDM color light modules in demand will be about 7 million, and the total market capacity will be about 2.5 billion yuan; In the next three years, the number of domestic 5G base stations will reach 1.5 million, the number of 25G CWDM color light modules required is about 18 million, and the total market capacity is close to 5.5 billion yuan. In comparison, the scale of 5G construction in overseas markets in the future is expected to be about 3 to 4 times that of the domestic market.


Kingsignal-the innovator of signal connection technology, based on the forward-looking layout of 5G and intelligent networking, Kingsignal has completed the layout of the entire industry chain in the field of optical connections, realizing the coverage of a full range of optical product systems such as optical devices, optical modules, optical cables, and optical jumpers. In the future, Kingsignal will continue to strengthen R&D and service capabilities, embrace the market with better innovation capabilities, better serve customers, continue to create value for customers, and become an innovator and leader in optical communication connection technology in the 5G era.

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