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The IEC GM was successfully held in Shanghai, Kingsignal participated in the drafting of many standards



Recently, the 83rd IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission, also referred to as "IEC") general meeting was officially held in Shanghai.This is the first time that an IEC general meeting has been held in Shanghai. It is also the third time that China has hosted an IEC general meeting since 1990 and 2002.



IEC is currently one of the three most authoritative international standardization organizations in the world. The working system of IEC consists of two aspects: a standard setting system and a conformity assessment system. Since its establishment more than a century, the IEC has been supported by governments, industries, academia, end users and other partners around the world, and has made outstanding contributions to the international standardization work in the global electronics and electrical field.


The IEC general meeting is the highest level IEC meeting. This IEC general meeting lasted 12 days. A total of more than 3,800 experts from more than 100 countries attended the event.Both the number of participants and the participating countries are the largest in recent years. During the conference, more than 90 technical committees and more than 200 working groups in various professional fields held more than 800 professional meetings to discuss and promote more than 1,000 international standards in the field of electrical and electronics.


As a member of the IEC TC46 working group, Kingsignal proposed the "IEC 60966-3-X: RF coaxial cable assemblies: detailed specifications for 50-141 semi-flexible coaxial cable assemblies with frequencies up to 18GHz" "IEC 61196-9-X: Coaxial Communication Cables Part 9-X: Detailed Specification for 50-0.4 Type Flexible RF Coaxial Cables" presented at the conference. The three proposals entered the project approval phase smoothly.




The standard 50-0.4 small coaxial cable is mainly used in consumer electronics such as notebook computers, mobile phones, routers, etc; The 50-141 type semi-flexible cable assembly is widely used in antenna internal wiring in data communication systems, global mobile communications, personal communication service systems and other scenarios.


According to Technavio ’s recent global coaxial cable research report, with the rapid development of broadband Internet in developed countries and the rapid growth of demand for television digitization and communication infrastructure in developing countries, the global coaxial cable market is expected to reach USD 12.81 billion by 2021.


These three proposed standards are expected to fill the gaps in international standards and promote the formation of internationally unified standards. While guiding the design, production and acceptance of this type of product, Kingsignal will expand the export of this product with domestic counterparts, and increase the international visibility, international competitiveness and standard voice of this type of product in China. And enhance the "hard power" and technical standard "soft power" of China's development in the field of electronic communications.


Kingsignal, an innovator of signal connection technology, is the first company in China to lead the formulation of IEC international standards for cables and connectors. Since 2007, Kingsignal has been leading the formulation of IEC standards for semi-flexible cables. Currently, it has formulated 20 IEC international standards (of which 13 have been promulgated). It is the domestic enterprise that has developed the most IEC cable and connector related standards.




At present, the IEC standard formulated by Kingsignal has comprehensively covered cables, optical and electrical hybrid cables, cable test methods, connectors, connector test methods and components. At the same time, the IEC standard formulated by Kingsignal is also closely following the development of the communications industry. The products covered by the standards issued by it are widely used in 4G and 5G communication systems. .




The re-establishment of the IEC Conference in China reflects China's sufficient power to speak in the field of communications. It also shows that China attaches great importance to standardization, actively promotes the application of international standards, promotes high-tech innovation with high standards, promotes high-level openness, and leads high-quality development.


Committed to becoming a one-stop solution expert of intelligent interconnection of signals with international standard discourse power is Kingsignal's vision. The traction of the vision has inspired Kingsignal' standardization workers to actively participate in the development of China's standardization and conformity assessment.


Kingsignal will continue to focus on the deep integration of 5G and intelligent networking through the innovation of signal connection technology, leading the formulation and application of relevant standards. As China comes to the fourth industrial revolution, it will help scientific and technological innovation and industrial transformation with standards, establish mutual trust with conformity assessment, and make due contributions to social development.

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