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Kingsignal assists full access to satellite Internet in the core protected area of Zhuo Nai Lake


Recently, the Zhuo Nai Lake Protection Station, the first fixed protection station in the hinterland of the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, officially launched the satellite Internet. China Telecom and Kingsignal held a launching ceremony at the Hok Xil Administration. By accessing the satellite Internet, Zhuo Nai Lake Protection Station has realized real-time video, voice and data connections with Shenzhen, Golmud and other areas on the site, officially connected to the satellite Internet, and accelerated its development into a "smart protected area".




Hoh Xil Protection Station officially connects to satellite Internet


From 3G to 4G and from 4G to 5G are the technical upgrades of traditional networks. However, in areas such as the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve that cannot be covered by traditional networks, satellite communication is the only way to achieve communication access.


In 2017, the Sonandaj Protection Station in the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve achieved a breakthrough in satellite Internet. In 2019, the Zhuo Nai Lake Protection Station was connected to the satellite Internet. The Hoh Xil Nature Reserve realized satellite Internet communications from the edge to the hinterland. At this moment, the World Natural Heritage is truly fully connected to the world.




It is reported that the Kingsignal satellite communication solution used by Zhuo Nai Lake Protection Station adopts the satellite smart station + Wi-Fi Mesh networking method. The intelligent distributed routing system converts satellite signals into Wi-Fi signals, which can quickly achieve seamless Wi-Fi coverage of the entire Zhuo Nai Lake protection station without laying network cables, greatly reducing the difficulties; The use of satellite phone repeaters has successfully solved the problem of not being able to make satellite calls indoors, and it has solved the problem of protecting station members from having to talk outside in harsh weather conditions, which significantly improves the team's working conditions; The deployment of intelligent surveillance cameras can transmit the monitoring video of Zhuo Nai Lake protection station environment in real time, which is convenient for the station members to take corresponding protection measures in time for the Zhuo Nai Lake environment change



Responding to the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" to help informatization to alleviate poverty


Zhuo Nai Lake is located at the altitude of nearly 5,000 meters. It is located in the hinterland of Hoh Xil. There is no road traffic, the climate is severely cold, the wind is wet, and the minimum temperature is -41 ° C. It is the farthest protection station among the five protection stations in the protection area. The harsh natural conditions and poor communication conditions in this area have greatly restricted the effective development of ecological environmental protection and environmental monitoring. The plateau climate and lack of materials have also made life very inconvenient for the protection station personnel. At the same time, in order to protect the wild animals in the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve and fight against organizations that hunt illegal wildlife, the life of the protection station personnel is constantly threatened.




The difficulty of this construction is self-evident. The construction personnel failed to enter the protection station for the first time due to road conditions. After a short period of adjustment and equipment upgrade, they successfully entered the protection station for construction the second time. Zhuo Nai Lake Protection Station is located in the hinterland of Hoh Xil. In addition to overcoming the harsh natural environment such as high altitude and low temperature, the construction workers must also be vigilant during construction to prevent wild animal attacks.


The access to the satellite Internet for the Zhuo Naihu Protection Station is the performance of China Telecom and Kingsignal in responding to national policies and shouldering social responsibilities. This project allows the Zhuo Nai Lake mountain patrol rescue, research transmission and other work to be carried out normally, which is of great significance to the development of production and the improvement of poverty in the region.


Provide communication support for "the world's third pole" environmental protection


Zhuo Nai Lake is located in the "third pole of the world" unoccupied zone, Hoh Xil. It is the main area where the national-level protected animals Tibetan antelope concentrate their litters from June to July every year, and it is also the country's main wetland and national wildlife epidemic monitoring station.




Qinghai Branch of China Telecom joined hands with Kingsignal, Shenzhen Skysea World and Shenzhen Starlink Tiantong provided the first satellite communication fixed station, as well as mobile satellite telephone equipment and services, at the Zhuo Nai Lake Protection Station in the core hinterland of the Hoh Xil Reserve in the Yangtze River Source Park of Sanjiangyuan National Park.




The construction of fixed satellite communication stations and the application of satellite communication equipment will fundamentally solve the communication problems of the protection stations and bring great convenience to the work of the protection stations. For example, if poaching, plundering and other incidents are discovered, the mountain patrol team can report to the Administration as soon as possible, and the collected picture evidence can be transmitted back in time;With the communication network, scientific research work such as environmental monitoring, genetic collection, geological exploration, etc. of the protected area can also be effectively carried out; With the communication network, if there is danger in the station and mountain patrol work, you can also immediately contact the outside world to get rescue in time, and life safety will be guaranteed; With the communication network, the embarrassment of stationers and mountain patrolmen who can only talk to their families for one minute for three months will also become history.




According to the SIA's "Satellite Industry Status Report 2018", the global civil satellite industry's annual revenue scale is US $ 269 billion, and the advent of high-throughput satellites and low-orbit satellite constellations is breaking the status quo of expensive satellite communications. In terms of satellite broadband Internet access and space-based IoT services, with its advantages of wide coverage, low network construction costs, and low operating costs, satellite communications will work closely with 5G systems to form a global communications network. A trillion-level market is emerging.


Kingsignal facilitates full access to satellite Internet in the core protected area of Zhuo Nai Lake, Hok Hil, which is not only the professional application of Kingsignal’s deep coverage solution in closed areas, but also shows that Kingsignal co-ordinates social responsibility with China Telecom and many enterprises.


Kingsignal, the innovator of signal connection technology, will continue to promote the continuous innovation of signal connection technology to help more and more closed areas realize multi-technology joint networking and jointly build and share the dividend of a fully connected world!

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