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Kingsignal successfully hosted the CCSA Technical Standards Conference




From June 11th to 14th, the 73rd meeting of TC6WG2 and the 69th meeting of TC6WG3 hosted by CCSA and hosted by Kingsignal (300252.SZ) were successfully held in Ganzhou, Jiangxi.


Nearly 100 experts and representatives from 53 units including China Information and Communication Research Institute, China Tel Lab, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, ZTE, and Kingsignal attended the conference and received high attention from the industry. TC6 Chairman Yang Zhuang, Vice Chairman Song Zhituo, Ao Li and other expert leaders attended and presided over the meeting.




In order to meet the high-bandwidth services brought about by the 5G era, access network equipment is developing in the direction of achieving high-speed access at a lower cost. This meeting discussed the test method standards for access network equipment such as XGS-PON, NG-PON2, and WDM-PON, which can effectively guide the production R&D and testing of equipment and promote the development and promotion of access network equipment technology.

With the rapid development of high-bandwidth access homes and the Internet of Things, smart gateways have become an important part of “smart homes”. Currently, the intelligent gateway is upgrading to the intelligent networking, intelligent management configuration, and converged gateway. The standards for broadband customer intelligent gateways based on public telecommunication networks discussed in this conference can guide operators' gateway deployment in the future and help users to obtain better service experience.




With the advent of the 5G communication era and the development of wireless communication technologies, future data centers, communication system rooms, and small cell stations will have wider applications. According to the change of technology, the relevant standards were discussed at this meeting for the use of coaxial cable, PTFE insulated RF coaxial cable, and wireless communication small base station hybrid cable. Among them, Kingsignal participated in <2018-1731T-YD "Model Name Method of Optical Cables"> <2018-1746T-YD "Communication Cable PTFE Insulated RF Coaxial Cable Core Insulated Braided Tinned Outer Conductor Type>, <2017-0989T-YD "Communication Cables for Coaxial Cables> and other three standards. The standards have played a positive guiding role in the future construction of 5G infrastructure equipment and the application of optical and electrical hybrid cable transmission.


The relevant submarine cable standards formulated at this meeting will further improve China's submarine cable standard system.  It will better support the construction of China's submarine optical cable communication system, accelerate the pace of China's submarine cable manufacturing enterprises, and promote the construction of the “Belt and Road” “Maritime Silk Road”. At the same time, the application and development of 200μm fiber and the application of outdoor fiber optic cable also bring about the discussion of the standard test methods for the tensile strength value of fiber samples, the peeling force of fiber coating layer, and the characteristics of non-metallic reinforcing members for optical cables. There are newer specifications and standards for the physical characteristics of fiber optic cables.




Song Zhituo, vice chairman of TC6, mentioned at the meeting that  "In the future, the joint efforts of the association and the member units will continue to make the formulation of standards more formal and streamlined, and accelerate the standardization of China's standard process."




As the organizer of this conference, Fan Xiuyuan, deputy general manager of Kingsignal's wireless and optical network product line, and Zheng Haofeng, director of product planning at Kingsignal, expressed their warm welcome to the experts and representatives present. They said “Kingsignal has more than ten years of R&D experience in signal interconnection products. In combination with Kingsignal's R&D layout and industrial planning, Kingsignal will participate more in the standardization of signal interconnection products in the future. We also hope to continue to work together with the participating units to better promote the development of the communications industry."


CCSA was formally established in Beijing on December 18, 2002. The main task of the association is to organize relevant enterprises and institutions to carry out information communication standardization research activities, and reach a consensus through fair, just and open standard technical discussions. And form high-tech, high-level, high-quality standards, and promote the implementation of standard industrialization, while organizing members to participate in the standardization activities of international and regional standards organizations.


Established in April 2002, Kingsignal, the innovator of signal connection technology, is a high-tech private-owned listed company (stock code: 300252.SZ) that integrates R&D, production and sales. It focuses on providing full series of signal interconnected products, solutions and services for core customers of different industries and fields around the world through forward-looking layout based on 5G and AIoT.




Since becoming a full member of China Communications Standards Association, Kingsignal has actively participated in discussions and suggestions on relevant standards. At the beginning of this year, it led the drafting and promulgation of the <YD/T 3392-2018 communication cable PTFE insulated RF coaxial cable solid insulated silver-plated copper tape wrapped braided outer conductor type> communication industry standard. The formulation of this standard fills the domestic standard gap in the product, so that the RF coaxial cable with good transmission performance, stable electrical performance index when mechanical bending, bending resistance, easy installation, low loss, high power, etc. can be widely used in high-demand occasions such as mobile communication systems, microwave test equipment, radar, aerospace, and electronic countermeasures.


As the first company in China to lead the development of international standards for connectors and connectorsSince 2007, Kingsignal has been leading the development of IEC standards for semi-flexible cables. At present, 18 IEC international standards have been established (13 of which have been issued). Kingsignal is the enterprise that has the most IEC connection lines and connector standards in China. While actively participating in international standards, Kingsignal also actively participated in the formulation of domestic standards. At present, it has formulated 8 national standards and 7 industry standards.


In the journey of future signal connection technology innovation, Kingsignal will continue to work with China Communications Standards Association to jointly promote the industrialization of various standards and contribute to the development of national informationization and information industry. At the same time, Kingsignal will continue to provide customers with one-stop solutions for signal intelligent interconnection based on domestic leading and international first-class standards.

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