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Kingsignal has made breakthroughs in the research and development of Nokia Bell's 5G high and low frequency integrated antennas


Recently, Kingsignal (300252.SZ) has made breakthroughs in the research and development of 5G high- and low-frequency integrated antennas (28GHz RF module and 3.5GHz RF module) for Shanghai Nokia Bell. At present, the RF front-end of the high- and low-band BS (base station) and MS (mobile) has been completed, including antenna, RF link, wave control, power supply and other functional modules. The IF signal acquisition and processing is being debugged in software.


At present, it is in the 5G research boom. On the basis of relevant technology accumulation, Kingsignal has cooperated with Datang Mobile and Keysight to carry out iterative development of multi-round millimeter wave band antenna products. As the world's leading communication equipment manufacturer, Nokia Bell Labs, in order to verify its 5G baseband algorithm and other requirements, in the case of acquiring Kingsignal's 5G millimeter wave RF front-end design experience and advantages, Kingsignal proposed the development of 5G high- and low-band RF front-end.


Kingsignal has sufficient experience in the application of key technology breakthroughs in 5G high and low frequency integrated antennas, including:  GaAs next-generation semiconductors in high-power PA, LNA, Phaser applications; high-precision, high-isolation MMIC chip applications; microwave high-density interconnect technology; more integrated wave-controlled ASICs and MMIC applications; high frequency band mature antenna simulation and darkroom testing experience.


5G millimeter wave active phased array technology is currently mainly for communication equipment manufacturers, test manufacturers and scientific research institutions to carry out prototype prototype related 5G technology development. In addition to the 5G field, this technology can be applied to solve high-speed mobile communication projects. Jin Xinnuo has already developed and tested the vehicle-to-ground communication related prototypes from 600km/h to 1500km/h. In addition, the wave-controlled scanning function of the active phased array can realize the high-resolution detection function of the Ka-band or higher W-band, and solve the requirements of airport FOD foreign object detection and road traffic real-time monitoring. And for Ka band satellite communication and other needs, also in cooperation with the relevant part of the unit, the active phased array technology in the field of satellite communication.


Shanghai Nokia Bell is the only joint venture company under the direct supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and is Nokia's exclusive operating platform in China. Nokia Bell has strong R&D capabilities and deep professional expertise to provide end-to-end information communication solutions and high-quality services to operators and non-operating customers, as well as IP networks, optical networks, fixed networks and next-generation 5G networks and many other areas lead the development.


AS the “Innovator of Signal Connection Technology”, Kingsignal’s products are widely used in high-frequency high-speed PCB, RF chips, high-speed connectors, optical modules and other fields, for multi-industry customers to achieve an effective extension from "ordinary connection" to "effective connection" to "value connection." After years of forward-looking layout in the 5G field, this year began to enter the harvest period. The breakthrough progress in the development of high- and low-frequency integrated antennas for 5G is more strategic for the two sides to work more closely together and promote 5G construction.  At the same time, it also means that Kingsignal's 5G related products have been recognized by international communication manufacturers, which is beneficial to the company to continue to provide quality products for domestic mainstream communication equipment manufacturers and three major communication operators to jointly explore the 5G market.



It is understood that on January 16, Australian operator Optus announced that it has successfully completed 5G data calls based on the 60MHz bandwidth 3.5GHz spectrum using the indoor 5G customer terminal equipment (CPE) jointly developed with Nokia. This trial in Canberra involved the use of a 5G integrated antenna designed to provide 5G connectivity to residential areas. Kingsignal will continue to cooperate with Shanghai Nokia Bell and Nokia through the “Design In” model, and continue to actively participate in the 5G technology research and development experiment and promote the 5G commercialization process.

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