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Kingsignal participated in the "2018 China Information and Communication Conference", focusing on the core RF capabilities of the 5G industry upgrade




On December 14, the "2018 China Information and Communication Conference" was officially held in Chengdu, and it was jointly guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Science and Technology Association and the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, co-sponsored by China Communications Society, Chengdu Municipal People's Government, Sichuan Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology, Sichuan Provincial Communications Administration and Sichuan Science and Technology Association. The theme of this conference is "Information and Communication Technology Promotes the Development of Digital Economy and Helps the Construction of Network Powers". As a member of the Antenna System Industry Alliance, Kingsignal was invited to attend the conference and made a special report at the meeting.



Peng Yuxing, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, delivered a speech


The conference focused on the engine technology of the digital economy such as 5G, Internet, blockchain, etc., combined with the experience of network operation and maintenance, application scenarios, economic management, and ecological construction, to interpret the development trend of technology and industry in order to promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy. As we all know, in the field of 5G communication, the antenna is the ear and eyes of the communication system, and it has a network status of one-vote veto, and its importance is self-evident. At present, 5G commercial is just around the corner, step-by-step innovation of antenna RF technology is one of the important prerequisites for 5G commercial.



Zhu Xuetian, Director of Network Research Department of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute, gave a special report


In mobile communication systems, step-by-step innovations in antenna and RF technology are important ways to effectively solve these major engineering problems. Industry experts have proposed effective solutions for antenna fusion, device integration and resource sharing in multi-band, multi-mode and multi-network. It will play an important role in safeguarding the capacity of 5G services and effectively saving state-owned resources.




At the 5G antenna and RF technology special report meeting of the conference, all the industry's participating experts exchanged the current status of academic research, manufacturing and industrial support technology development in the field of antenna and radio, and discussed the technical challenges faced by 5G commercials and the common mission and tasks of the future industry. For the special report meeting, Feng Bin, director of the 5G Research Institute of Kingsignal, made a special report on "Kingsignal: RF core competence based on 5G industry upgrade".



Feng Bin, Director of the 5G Research Institute of Kingsignal, gave a special report


Director Feng Bin first described the 5G industry trends and the components of the 5G antenna system, and pointed out the importance of core RF capabilities in the process of upgrading the 5G industry. And Kingsignal's RF connector, optical module, PCB and other signal interconnection products will directly help upgrade the 5G industry.




At this conference, Kingsignal conducted in-depth exchanges with the participating operators, equipment manufacturers and antenna vendors, and the products were recognized by the industry from products to solutions. In the future, Kingsignal will continue to promote the 5G industry upgrade, and focus on providing full series of signal interconnected products, programs and services for core customers of different industries and fields around the world to achieve transformation from normal connection to effective connection, extension from effective connection to value connection through forward-looking layout based on 5G AIoT.

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