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Kingsignal won the bid for Ericsson's 2019 collection project, which has greatly increased its scale.



Recently, Kingsignal (300252.SZ) successfully won the bid for Ericsson's 2019 global (4G/5G) network system supporting products collection project (base station materials), the project amount reached 60 million US dollarsCompared with last year (the amount of the winning bid is about 16 million US dollars), the amount of the winning bid has more than doubled. Among them, most of the core materials have a target ratio of more than 70%.


The successful bidding not only strengthened the global strategic partnership between Jinxinnuo and Ericsson, but also further proved the technical strength of Jinxinnuo 4G and 5G supporting products, and further explained the company's products and technologies that can continue to provide a satisfactory experience and service for more global mobile communication users.


Ericsson is the world's largest provider of mobile communication equipment, with operations in 180 countries and regions, and is the world's leading provider of comprehensive communications solutions and professional services. Ericsson's 2G, 3G and 4G wireless communication networks are widely used and deployed by major operators around the world and are the global leader in mobile communication standardization.


This Ericsson collection project, with its large scale and variety of products, is designed to help its global partners complete the basic network construction of 4G to 5G upgrades. In the entire industry upgrade process from 2G to 3G, 3G to 4G and 4G to 5G in the communications industry, Jin Xinnuo has been actively cooperating with Ericsson through the “Design In” model. The full range of signal interconnection products are supplied with the advantages of massive connection, low loss and low cost.


Kingsignal specializes in R&D, production and sales of signal interconnection products and solutions for RF transmission, low frequency transmission, electric transmission, optical transmission, high speed transmission, PCB and chip modules.


After years of forward-looking layout in the 5G field, Jin Xinnuo began to enter the harvest this year. The increase in the bid winning share is more strategic for the closer cooperation between the two parties and the promotion of 5G construction. At the same time, it also means that Kingsignal's 5G related products have been recognized by international communication manufacturers, which is beneficial to the company to continue to provide quality products for domestic mainstream communication equipment manufacturers and three major communication operators to jointly explore the 5G market.


On December 6, the three major operators in China won the nationwide 5G medium and low frequency band experimental frequency license, paving the way for 5G construction and laying a solid foundation. In 2019, China's 5G began trial commercialization. At present, it has entered the critical stage of construction planning. The mainstream opinion from the brokerage research report believes that Q1 and Q2 will start the collection and collection of 5G equipment in 2019. It is expected to be built and built next year. The number of 5G base stations will reach about 100,000.

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