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Kingsignal was reported by CCTV during the 5G-hot China hi-tech fair





The 20th China Hi-Tech Fair came to an end in Shenzhen on the 18th. As the largest and most influential technology exhibition in China, the high-tech fair, known as the “China Science and Technology First Exhibition”, will continue to play the role of “innovation wind vane”, highlighting innovation drive and promoting deep integration of technological innovation and economic society. With the theme of "adhering to the new development concept and promoting high-quality development", this year's high-tech fair will focus on the application of key technologies, core technologies and cutting-edge technologies in the high-tech frontier fields at home and abroad in various fields of economic and social development. And Showcase the latest products and technologies in the new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, "Internet +", 5G, smart city, aerospace and other aspects.



The 5G elements of this year's high-tech fair are more hot than last year. The development of 5G industry is closely related to Internet of Things technology. Both will bring great opportunities for various industries. This year the fair audience for their enthusiasm as well as knowledge to understand the 5G, is clearly higher than last year, and wants to know to what extent this technology has developed. At the same time, the Chinese government is also actively promoting and continuously increasing the relevant policies. According to the forecast of the Industrial Qianjiang Industrial Research Institute, the scale of China's 5G market will reach 3.3 trillion in 2025.


As the integrated service provider of integration and operation solutions for 5G and AIoT industry, Kingsignal focuses on providing full series of signal interconnected products, programs and services for core customers of different industries and fields around the world to achieve transformation from normal connection to effective connection, extension from effective connection to value connection through forward-looking layout based on 5G AioT. At the site of the high-tech fair, Kingsignal communicated directly with upstream and downstream enterprises in the entire industry chain of 5G AIOT to understand the latest needs of customers.


Mr. Zheng Jun, the vice chairman of Jinxinnuo Group, during the interview with CCTV at the high-tech fair, also explained to the media the current good status of the company and the bottlenecks that the entire 5G AIOT industries may face. He said that "the macro situation of the past two years seems to be that the development of customers' applications based on 5G products is very large. Orders will start to increase quarter by quarter from 2018. It is expected that the range will be very large next year. Because China may also carry out 5G network deployment work next year, Kingsignal's current sales data has increased by 20% compared with the same period of last year, and may be higher by the end of the year." When it comes to industry bottlenecks, he also expressed his opinion. "I think the bottleneck is mainly in some key components, one is the chip, the other is the high-speed backplane connector, and there are some core chip devices of the optical module. It is a limitation at some components level. However, in large system-level products, Chinese manufacturers are no longer limited."




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