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Kingsignal successfully applied to become Antenna System Industry Alliance council unit





September 19, by the China Institute of Communications Antenna System Industry Alliance Council voted unanimously review Kingsignal officially became an "Antenna System Industry Alliance" council unit, and appointed Feng Bin, director of the 5G Research Institute of Kingsignal as the director.


The Antenna System Industry Alliance (China Electronics Society Antenna Branch Communication Antenna Professional Committee) was established on October 12, 2011, and is affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is the industry's leading antenna industry top alliance. It is committed to the coordinated development and joint innovation of relevant enterprises, institutions, research and development organizations, investment institutions, research, development, manufacturing, integration, testing, service and operation of antenna system technology, products, services and applications.


The Alliance has a wealth of resources for universities, terminal operators and vendors. Its members cover 41 research institutes and enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the antenna system industry chain.:Including the Fifth Academy of Aerospace, China Institute of Metrology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, ZTE Corporation, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., China Mobile Communications Group Design Institute Co., Ltd., China Unicom Research Institute and many other university research institutes and enterprises.


As the top authority in the industry, its alliance council is the industry standard setter and initiator, and has a certain right to speak. The selection of its board members has always been strict with standards and has a high barrier to entry. The alliance stipulates that members must be eligible to apply for membership of the board of directors for four years, and the application must be unanimously approved by all board members.


As a high-tech enterprise with reputation in the industry, Kingsignal focuses on providing a full range of signal interconnection products, solutions and services based on RF transmission, low frequency transmission, optical transmission, power transmission, high speed transmission and PCB for core customers in many industries and fields in the world through the forward-looking layout of 5G and AIOT.


In the application of the members of the Alliance Council, Kingsignal has won the vote of the members of the Antenna System Industry Alliance by virtue of its excellent research and development strength, excellent product quality and good social reputation.


As the person in charge of this Alliance council application, Feng Bin said: "Being able to become a member of the Antenna System Industry Alliance marks that the company will rank among the top coils in the antenna industry, and has a certain say in the formulation and initiation of industry standards. And have more opportunities to communicate with the top research institutions, peers and manufacturers in the industry to effectively promote the company's technology development and market development.”

At the same time, Feng Bin also said: "Becoming the council of the Alliance is just the beginning, how to make better use of resources to achieve common development council backed by the company and the union, as well as the powerful combination is the next direction for the company. It is hoped that through the resources of the alliance platform, Kingsignal will soon become an one-stop service expert of signal interconnection technology and plan with international standard discourse, and realize the strategic goal of tens of billions of Kingsignal. ”


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