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Kingsignal has been invited to participate in the 2016 China science and technology achievements transformation fair



On October 25, 2016, China (Changsha) science and technology achievements transformation fair was grandly held on the bank of Xiangjiang River in Changsha. Kingsignal, as a civil-military integration enterprise, was invited to participate in the signing ceremony and special event.


Under the theme of "integrated innovation and entrepreneurship in Changsha for industry, universities and research funds", the science and trade fair carries out the normal running of the meeting, and all kinds of joint activities of industry, education and research have been extended to the whole year. In addition to the grand opening of the main event held on October 25, 11 colorful and distinctive special events were arranged in the two days from October 25 to 26: the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the construction of BBS in the national independent innovation demonstration area, and the 2016 china-eu (Changsha) B2B docking symposium.


Through preliminary negotiations, the 2016 science fair reached cooperation intention of 155 projects, and the contract amount is expected to be 17.76 billion yuan. A total of 1788 scientific and technological achievements were collected, 222 enterprises' technological demands and 157 talents demands were collected, and more than 600 guests from domestic universities and institutes of Chinese academy of sciences, as well as enterprise representatives attended the conference.


Kingsignal to the families and rendezvous with Changsha high-tech industrial development zone signed the Kingsignal military R&D and industrialization base construction documents and our company to introduce participants to the existing technology, including the aerospace group internal supporting system achievements, special production line with automation transformation results as well as the underwater integrated defense system and its subsystems of research and development, to fully demonstrate our research and development production capacity, also highlights the Kingsignal group in the layout of the arms industry.


Zheng always stressed: "Kingsignal military industrial park in Changsha will be integrated group of military research and development projects, consolidate the foundation of our components supplier in the field of military, seize the future market opportunities, and related policy support, relying on underwater integrated defense system research and development, production and sales of a full range of ability, positive transformation and upgrading in the field of military industry system integration suppliers."

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