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Leaders of Huawei headquarters visited the Kingsignal of Thailand


On April 11, the sun was just right. A team of 11 experts led by Minister Luo Hao of Huawei Headquarters Structural Parts Technology Certification Department and Minister Xia Zhihui of Engineering and Site Supporting Purchasing Department came to visit and guide the Kingsignal of Thailand, focusing on the on-site inspection of the local warehouse of Kingsignal in Thailand.


Kingsignal Group General Manager Yu Xin, Group Quality Director Lin Weiqi, Group Marketing Center Key Account Director Hu Qinghui, Group Marketing Center Overseas Sales Director Chen Zhigang, Group Marketing Center MKT Director Hong Changbin expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Huawei headquarters leaders and accompanied to visit.



First, the leaders of both sides have been some informal discussion in the meeting room. Mr. Yu first gave a welcome speech, and then the leaders of Huawei experts listened to Mr. Chen’s report on “Kingsignal Accessories Integration Business”. During the period, the two sides conducted a lively and substantive discussion on relevant topics.


Subsequently, the two sides leading venue  Kingsignal of Thailand local repository site visits. Mr. Chen first introduced the logistics mode Kingsignal of Thailand, and then concentrated explained accessories  Kingsignal of Thailand Ericsson provides integrated supply chain service pack station mode, and a live simulated operation. During this period, Huawei experts showed great interest in this innovative scenario-based one-stop service model. Some questions were raised during the discussion, and satisfactory answers were obtained.



During the visit, the Huawei expert team gave a high evaluation of our inventory management ability and the ability to package and integrate the site accessories. We also put forward relevant suggestions and substantive requirements from Huawei's own needs, and look forward to the future. The two sides will conduct more in-depth cooperation through a model like this. In this regard, Mr. Yu said Kingsignal will always respond positively to the recommendations and requirements from Huawei, while effectively solve customer needs and constantly improve their own capacity building, in order to enhance a deeper level of communication with Huawei between Kingsignal at home and abroad All-round cooperation in the market.


Providing customers with customized services based on localization has always been the direction of Kingsignal. Although the inspection and reception work of Huawei's expert team has come to an end, this is not the end. This is an opportunity for us to continue to cooperate in depth. In the future, Kingsignal will continue to work with Huawei to build a beautiful connected world of people and people, people and things, things and things.

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