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The commencement ceremony of the decoration project of Kingsignal headquarters office building was held


June 27, 2018 6:06 am, Kingsignal headquarters building decoration project held a simple but solemn ceremony at the Shenzhen Bay ECO-Technology Park building 10, Block B 25 level, which marks the long-awaited headquarters building began to enter the stage of decoration, and also indicates that Kingsignal staffs will settle in the more comfortable, more spacious, more high-end office buildings in the near future.


The guests present at the opening ceremony were: Kingsignal’s Vice Chairman—Mr. Zheng Jun, Mr. Yu Wei, General Manager—Ms. Wu Wei, Secretary of the Board of Directors and General Manager of the Operation Center——Ms. Wu Pingting; Mr. Liu Wenyuan, executive deputy general manager of Engineering Design and Construction Unit - Shenzhen Hongtao Decoration , Mr. Xiao Faming, assistant to the chairman and general manager of the operation center from Shenzhen Hongtao Decoration, and Mr. He Tianjia, project director of Shenzhen Jiuzhou Construction Co., Ltd. 



Mr. Yu first gave a speech at the opening ceremony. Mr. Yu said, “At this moment, the beginning of the day, the future of the day, in the near future, Kingsignal Group will welcome all the partners with a brand new image and exhibition hall, and will accept all Kingsignal staffs with a clean office environment and conditions. Carrying the new dreams and hopes of the Kingsignal Group with the new headquarters office building. The management of the Group has always been committed to improving the working environment and welfare care of its employees, and has always been committed to working with all employees to implement new dreams and hopes. Let’s welcome the new beginning full of glory!”


Mr. He of the Kyushu Construction stated that :"Kyushu construction will live up to the trust of Kingsignal, together with Hongtao Decoration , wholeheartedly work for the Kingsignal headquarters building decoration project, will practice the commitments into reality in time and deliver the completed project with high quality!"



Finally, it was announced by Vice Chairman Zheng "auspicious time has come to start down." Afterwards, Mr. Zheng and Mr.Yu made a finishing touch for a pair of Swiss lions. In the atmosphere of the brilliant performances and salute of the Swiss Lions, the opening ceremony ended perfectly.

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